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Besonderer Bedienung 09-20-2014 06:21 PM

Selling Off My Guns
Ok, sooo it's been a long time since I've been a very on here, and a long time time since I have even played. So I have finally decided to sell off my guns to pay for my more current hobbies.

SOOO here's the deal, everything is plus shipping which will be figured out later, unless you want to pick up in the Parma area. Second, I will entertain offers below listed price, but they must be serious offers. Third, I will only sell to 18+ year old users. Paypal is preferred, but I will accept anything as long as I get paid with USD, and nothing ships until I am paid.

Ok, so why don't I shut up so we can look at the fun stuff?

WE SCAR (original closed bolt, cw threaded barrel) with ra tech adjustable npas, 6 gg/propane mags, original box, and scope. Comes with over 5000 .25 bbs, and a bag of .26 biodegradable bbs. (See picture below ammo) $300
Click to view picture
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WE 7.1 HI CAPA Dragon PAIR Airsoft surgeon upgrade kit from airsoftgi, scope rails, 4 sight red/green electric sights with a custom wired AAA battery box on the bottom, and sight protectors, with 2 standard mags, and 4 52rd mags, and case. If you want I have original boxes for these as well. Comes with over 5000 .20 bbs, and a bottle of .20 biodegradable bbs. (See picture below ammo) $350
Click to view picture
Click to view picture

TM HI CAPA 5.1 Metal slide and threaded barrel, original plastic slide and frame included. The metal slide has had the metal edges rounded down. Nine ball piston head, but the o-ring broke, I don't have a replacement for it so the original is installed. Upgraged spring set, I belive it was airsoft surgeon but I'm not positive. 4 gg/propane mags, original tm mag has a high flow valve. Extra 7" metal barrel and a cheap holster included. $200
Click to view picture
Click to view picture

Madbull Gemtech QD mock suppressor with ccw flash hider. Flash hider is a little beaten up because it was used on the 5.1, but the suppressor was never used because it was too heavy for the handgun to function properly $40 alone, $20 if bought with p90 or 5.1 hicapa, free with scar or 7.1 pair.
Click to view picture

OLD TM P90 with m16 mag box and hi cap mag. I'm not sure if it, or the two batteries work, and I can't find the charger. It has an extended inner barrel, that is either 6.01 or 6.03, I'm not sure which. Because of all this it’s only, $100 (which is less than all the upgrades alone.)
Click to view picture

The spring guns below, will come free with any other gun on a first come first serve basis.

Original utg m324, here’s the deal, I took the stock apart because I had planned on making a new one, then managed to lose the screws, so it is in multiple pieces.
*The m324 might be missing a few small internal parts. It does work just fine, but it was modified so that the bolt doesn't have to be in the down position to fire. To be honest if you want it for the m324 you might want to reconsider. It's the original m324, which isn't much of a "sniper" and the upgrade kit was discontinued a while ago, so it can't be upgraded at all due to the way they were designed. It's basically more for fun than for using in a game.* edit because there have been questions.

Click to view picture

HFC m92 Springer, with two mags.
Click to view picture

Unknown spring shotgun, says remington tactical, which makes me think cybergun from the trades on it, but I feel like it may have been crossman... But I'm not sure. Has 1 high cap mag. Click to view picture

I will also add the p90 in free if anyone is interested in buying the scar and the 7.1 dragons together. Meaning it would be $750 for the scar, 7.1 dragon x2, p90, mock suppressor/flash hider, ammo, and any/all spring guns.

Pm me with any questions or if you want more pics of anything. I will try to keep checking as often as possible.

Besonderer Bedienung 09-24-2014 12:36 PM

Bump, Updated.

Besonderer Bedienung 09-28-2014 10:40 PM

bump, anyone interested?

Besonderer Bedienung 10-27-2014 04:04 PM

Bump, I'll sell it all for 600 shipped.

If you want something make an offer.

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