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Spawned from a group of high school friends with a common vision, Nighthawk Airsoft established its base of operations in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area during the summer of 2004. In the early days, events consisted mainly of private pistol and AEG games. It was during these times that the values of the Nighthawks (honor, loyalty, and humor) were set forth. Since then, the Nighthawks have traveled throughout MI, OH, NY and IL to engage in battle and are always looking for new and exciting events and opportunities. Operator personalities range from Engineer to Musician, but all enjoy the thrill and comradery that resides upon the field of battle. Following their principles, the Nighthawks continue to embark upon the mission of creating one of the most respected and admirable airsoft teams in the Midwest. Nec Hostium Timete, Nec Amicum Reusate Fear No Enemy, Deny No Friend
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04-24-2009 I.M.P.A.C.T is based out of southern IN (Bloomington Area) and is a MilSim enthusiast group. As a team we always try to promote the Airsoft Community with honor & good sportsmanship. I.M.P.A.C.T. was founded in the early summer (May) of 1998 by 4 close friends who discovered a few spring hand guns. Back in those days in Indiana Airsoft was not well known or popular. The team has since transformed from a few guys with springers to a well organized team / "family" of men with sniper rifles, AEG's & GBB's. We are the oldest active playing airsoft team in Indiana. The IN Airsoft community has grown significantly since we started in 1998, & we would like to think that IMPACT had a large role in that increase of popularity. We regularly play on the weekends at one of our several fields & also travel all over IN to other team's games & events as well as out of state. IMPACT has had over a decade of Airsoft destruction!
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Northern Kentucky Airsoft Team was started on Jan 1, 2007. We started playing every weekend with cheap guns and soon we upgraded to AEGs and the like. We currently have 12 members and are looking for places to play. We have an official Home Field in one of our member's woods. It's an awesome place to play with bunkers, tree stands, trenches, and other cover items. We have a site it's: drop us a message if you're near our area (Covington Kentucky). thanks
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FKM was formed in December of 2008, by players who were tired of seeing Op-For teams get slaughtered by over compensated Blue-For teams. FKM organized to present a better level of Op-For opponent. FKM members as a whole are tired of the oppression of “the man” and often take the side of the underdog. Individuality is encouraged by FKM and uniforms are usually not strictly adhered to. Laid back off the field, FKM members pride themselves on playing hard and fair on the field. Being modeled after a Mercenary unit, FKM strives to be tactically proficient, yet adaptable to situations that develop on the field of play. Guerilla tactics are employed by the often outnumbered squad members and their downtrodden allies. Note* We have not yet attended an Ohio game but plan on coming up later this year to attend a game on account of two of our members visiting family members in Ohio. We as a team will be present for at least one Op if not more.*
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Contract Killers
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We are a growing team right now 30 players are on E.V.I.L and we are growing. We are spread out from Ohio Kentucky Tenessie and Indeana. Age dosent bather use as long as play by the rules and play hard and fare. NO CHEATING. If you ever play with an E.V.I.L member that has cheated or treted you unfare let me know and they will be takin care of.
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We are the Southern tip of Ohio Airsoft group. Any where from Portsmouth and Ironton would be our General Area. Were here to have fun and make a safe airsoft experince
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special tactics infiltration and nutrilization group
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I am co-Founder of SFA, we are a small team based in Sidney Mt. right now we dont have the best equipment, only because our parents wont allow the stuff. but at the end of this year ill be 18 and will be able to supply my team. we are always looking for team members, my dream is to expand the Shadowforce emipre all around the country, if you are interested in joining, message me with your name, nickname, age, sex, location, and desired position on the team. thanx
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this is a team from indiana. eney age is allowed to be in it. we do eney thing to win and i mean eney thing. we have 11 guys so far but we need more to dominate airsoft.
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