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Airsoft Teams
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Ohio Airsoft Teams
We are a team based out of Upper Arlington (a suburb of Columbus). T.I.B. originates from a inside joke a friend of mine made while backyard-softing several years ago, and it goes well with the style of the group here. We may not match up with the more "hardcore" teams in Ohio, and we are a group of people that go to events together, rather than an official team. Nevertheless, we love to get out and play, we generally end up on top, and we always abide by the slogan, "T.I.B. on the JOB!" If a casual, yet very effective airsoft experience sounds right for you, than this team is for you! T.I.B ON THE JOB!
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05:33 PM
Ohio Airsoft Teams
Airsoft team from New Albany Ohio - PM me NA_point if you want to join.
8 11 35 0
05:21 PM
Ohio Airsoft Teams
We are an Airsoft team based near Greenville,Ohio. We play in most Dayton area's like Springfield and Huber Heights. We get the job done and never lose. Are Camo is ACU.Our main goal is to have fun and not cheat. Message me if you would like to join.
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01:32 AM
Non-Ohio Airsoft Teams
People that love our KWA guns. Just join if you own or have owned a KWA replica.
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05:38 PM
Ohio Airsoft Teams
we are new team we have 10 players and have played in multiple games
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Ohio Airsoft Teams
Those who kill for fun are sadist Those who kill for money are pro's Those who kill for both are mercenaries When you care enough to send the best, send The Legion We are a Cincinnati based team that us based on sportsmanship and teamwork. We participate in many MILSIM based games, and hold regular practice. We now have 10+ players, but we are always open to new members.
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09:12 PM
Ohio Airsoft Teams
V.A.C. stands for Viking Airsoft Corps. We are a teamed out of central Ohio. We are the elite from T.H.N.C. and are looking for new challenges. Started in 2012, we are looking to expand and grow in numbers, as well as skill. We are based on teamwork, honor, and courage. If you are interested in joining, please contact Phantom, JESTER., or Bacuclan.
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11:51 AM
Ohio Airsoft Teams
The Dead Pool Mercs were created in 2012 by the founders of Ghost Team 1 after many of the members enlisted in the military. We consist of highly experienced players each capable of running there own team. We pride ourselves in sticking to the rules and regulations to keep a clean fair game, with that being said WE WILL NOT GO DOWN WITH OUT A FIGHT.
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Ohio Airsoft Teams
S.O.A.R. Is a ~10 men team that is based in southwest Ohio. Our team mainly plays at DP, Springfield, and Red Dragon. We are not currently looking for members, but don't mind if you ask to roll with us.
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07:56 PM
Ohio Airsoft Teams
Medina Assault Group
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