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Cartel vs FBI
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*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: Riverbottom Assault
Entry Fee: 20/25
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 500
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 500
Minimum required safety equipment: full seal
Magazine restrictions: N/A

The Chaotic family airsoft is ready to host their first event it will be at river bottom assault the event will be Cartel vs FBI the rest of the details are as follows

-Entry FEE:$20-$25(meal)
-Minimum Age-13
-Maximum FPS 500(hpa will be tested in joules)
-Engagement distance are
-0-350 no minimum
-351-420 30 feet minimum
-421-500 50 feet minimum

*All goggles must be full seal no shooting glasses or googles without the kits that make them full seal

*FBI is allowed to wear all camo except Multicam
Cartel members are to wear jeans or pants no camo
RSVP Tan for FBI
RSVP Green for cartel.

*Roles are extremely important as for semi only unless you have a support weapon drum mags will not be allowed on standard M4s or Scar-L However a Scar-H with drum mag does in fact count as a squad weapon

*Dead rags are needed are available for purchase for $1
*Bang Rule will be in play

FBI objective is to stop and cease all the coke from the cartel cut off all pipelines to stop transport

Cartel objective is to protect each drop recover all stolen packages and keep as much product as possible

(Any team that gets cut from there base of operations continues to lose points until they are able to reacquire)

2020-El jefe has brought his Cartel into the small city of Bokata the Cartel has started to move coke all over from their base storage front in Bokata ran by El jefe himself who has a very well trained army at his disposal to keep his business alive and thriving The FBI has sent a task force into Bokata lead by Agent Archer to cut the head off this serpent if the FBI is able to take down the main storage front it would be a crippling blow to the cartel and the start to the unavoidable demise of the Bokata Cartel

*To keep game play as long as possible and guarantee you get the most play time there will be no respawns there will be Medic rule in place

*We ask that all attending parties RSVP with one of us so we can get a head count and keep teams balanced and have enough props There is no prepay but RSVP will give you a lock on your team we can also be reached by email at for all questions and any other info

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 2 RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 4
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