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Red Dawn
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 1915 Mercer West Middlesex Rd, Mercer, Pennsylvania 16137
Entry Fee: $25
Minimum Age: 12
Maximum FPS (Indoor): N/A
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 400
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal ANSI rated goggles.
Magazine restrictions: see event info

More info coming soon. The event will be edited to reflect the rules and game play as details are finished. :::

October 28th marks the date when the Wolverine coalition starts an offensive to retake American soil stolen by Russian and other communist countries.

$25 event cost. First 150 players registered will receive an event patch.

Gates/registration open at 8am
Safety briefing 11:30
Game on 12:00

Please be prompt when arriving and be ready to go no later than 11:30. Don't be that guy that delays the game.

Uniforms, Gear
Civilian/mismatched IE: Black top/woodland pants; DCU top/blue jeans. minimum gear is recommended and encouraged, think back to the movies, they used what they could find.

Full BDU ID: Woodland tops and bottoms; woodland tops DCU bottoms. matching tops and bottoms are encouraged but not required.
For the player wanting to wear maximum kit possible. Russian/Eastern block kit and uniform highly encouraged.

This will be a SEMI AUTO ONLY game unless you have an approved support weapon, 249, RPK, PKM, Saw, 240B, Shrike, Stoner, M27 IAR (full 11" 16.5" barrel) ect...

Magazines. Since this is an intro to mil-sim, players are asked and strongly encouraged to use mid caps, if you don't have access to them, ONE, (1) High cap is allowed. One high cap, or unlimited mid cap magazines, Not both!

All Mercer standard rules are in effect as well and must be followed.

Join TF-150 putting on an intro to mil-sim.
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