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Operation Vanguard at Hidden Spring Ranch (Comsim 411)
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 4624 Dayton Springfield rd. Springfield OH 45502
Entry Fee: $35
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 400fps (with 0.20g) or 1.5J
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 600fps (400fps and above must be 18yrs old + )
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal ANSI rated 87.1.2003 goggles/mask
Magazine restrictions: No high capacity magazines except for LMGs

Operation: Vanguard (Comsim 411)
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This will be a combat simulation event with very specific rules;

- No full auto.
- Medic rules +/- tourniquet.
- Possible Limited reloads.
- Possible Limited ammo*.
- No high capacity magazine.
- US = Woodland and Marpat.
- Cartel = Everything but Multicam and DCU.
- Radio is mandatory.
- Map is mandatory.
- Red rag is mandatory.

* limited ammo might means you will not be authorized to carry extra ammo in the field on your person. An ammo guy will do it for you. To ease up the distribution and bb handling process, each players will provide a snack size Ziplock bag filled with their bbs of choice with their name written on it. This will be their ammo reserve for the mission duration.

All generic rules:
Field Map:
Field photos:
Date: March 18th, 2017
Time: 0800 - 1700
Location: 4624 Dayton Springfield rd. Springfield OH 45502
Age restriction: 13 years old and up.
Check-In: 0800. Game Start at 1000
Fee: $35.00 at the gate. Instant $10.00 discount if you provide your own tourniquet.

WARNING: I reserve the right to revert back to a 1xx series event ROE, depending but not limiting on attendance, weather, field condition, age and team sizes.

If you did not fill your 2017 waivers yet, please print, fill and give your copies at the gate (field waiver) and directly to me (event waiver):
Field waiver:
Event waiver:
ONLY PROPERLY FILLED waivers will be accepted.

All person in the playing zone need to wear Goggle or paintball mask with a minimum rating of ANSI 87.1 2003 .

Full face mask are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

How to RSVP?
{strikers_blade} [Remove] - {Strikers}, {Despat}, {+5 guests}, {food please}
{strikers_blade} = your username on AO
{Strikers} = your team affiliation
{despat} = your uniform color
{+5 guests} = your number of unregistered friends/guests
{food please} = If you and/or your friends are planning to buy a meal ticket

NOTICE: I reserve the right to cancel the event depending on family or work issues.

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 2 RSVP'd Not Attending: 3
  • 55555 - Really want to go, but on Facebook it says cartel is only Multicam and DCU, not a fan of uniform restriction for the cartlels
  • Glitch - Weekend is packed... sorry lads
  • Steppes - Gotta work. And I got all these TAGs too.
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