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OP: Ice Pick II
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 6985 Egypt Pike
Entry Fee: $30-$35
Minimum Age: 12
Maximum FPS (Indoor): See player roles
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): See player roles
Minimum required safety equipment: Full Seal Goggles, lower face protection under 18
Magazine restrictions: Midcaps only,besides support gunners

This is our first OP of the year, Let's make it a good one! Missions will involve our new Hummer and some supply trailers!

Pre Register Entry Fee $30 (send money through PayPal to PLEASE put which color/team you will be fighting for and your team name if coming with a group) or $35 at the gate.

US Forces convoy has been attacked and looted of Top Secret intel and munitions, somewhere near Fallen Warrior. US Forces have intel of locations and must retrieve them before it's to late.


February 25,2017
Gates Open at 0730
Chrono/Registration 0800
Safety/Game Brief 1000 (at base)
Game starts at 1030
Break 1330-1430
Game ends at 1700
Game debrief at 1730

(U.S. Forces)-Full Military Tan Uniform (Multicam,Despat,AOR1,Atacs AU,Tan Top and Bottom, Etc.)

1 C.O. will be picked/volunteer. C.O. will not be restricted to base. He may go out with 1 squad at a time.

Uniform (M81 Woodland, Marpat, AOR2, Flektarn, Atacs FG, Full Green top and Bottom, ETC.)

1 C.O. will be picked/volunteer. C.O. will not be restricted to base. He may go out with 1 squad at a time.

If you want to be a Squad Leader, get with your CO and we will put you in that position. SL must have a Radio!

IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR CAMO ON THE LIST, post on the event page to make sure it is ok to use! NO BLACK TOPS FOR EITHER SIDE!! NO EXCEPTIONS

(Rifleman/ CO)
-Primary may be anything except support.
-No box mags. (8) mid caps only.
Fps restricted to 400fps or below
-1.5 joules hpa

-Must have a genuine Support style replica, (M249, M240, M60, PKM, RPK, etc) M27 is not authorized as support.
-Fps restriction to 400fps or below
-1.5 joules hpa

(Sniper) Must Be 18+
-Bolt action/DMR
-Ghillie Suit required
-Urban sniper wear will need approval from staff.
-Secondary Pistol will be required due to m.e.d. rule for class.
-Fps restriction to max of 500 for bolt action, 450 for DMR hpa semi locked.
-450 to 500 Fps will be 100ft m.e.d.
-400 to 449 Fps will have 75ft m.e.d.
-Sniper class will have special missions throughout the day

(Grenades, 40mm, 203s)
-If a grenade is tossed into a building and goes off, it must expell BBs to confirm a kill. Grenades that only initiate a sound will only be considered as a "concussion grenade" or a "distraction".
-40mm grenades must be shot through the window or doorway of a building in order for it to be destroyed. "Get confirmation of this kind of attack from admin to have them witness it". If an admin was not there to witness it you wasted that grenade. Buildings will return being in play after "X" amount of minutes has passed or the fight has been taken elsewhere.

-Flag capture/return to base - 1000
-C.O. capture/return to base - 500
-SL capture/return to base -250
-Medic capture/return to base - 100
-Mission point capture and holds, points determined per mission.

You will be restricted to (8) mid caps only. Ammo is unlimited, reloading will be allowed on the field as gameplay is going. You will not be restricted to reload at base. Ace bandage or msw tourniquet is required per player no exceptions. In order to gain capture points of players you must first heal them, then hands on escort that player back to your base and confirm it with admin. Same goes for flags, they must be taken back to your base and confirm capture with admin.

After healing and capturing one of the key players to the game you must "disarm player" by saying "you are disarmed". Player will remove mag from gun and clear weapon. You then must hands on escort that player back to your base. At any time if your hands come off the player they "can" retrieve their mag and place it back into their gun to escape.

Your base flag will be Capturable AT ALL TIMES. Your flag is required to be in the open in plain sight, not in a tree or hidden in the bushes. Flag will be placed in the ground by Admin and will remain until/if captured. If your flag is captured and other team earned points for it, an admin will escort the flag back and replace it. Your FOB flag however, if taken will require you as a team to retrieve it. No FOB flag means No forward operating base for you. This is key for respawn!

After bleeding out/or being captured you must take the most direct route back to base. This will prevent any player from getting an eye full of any other missions or locations of players of the opposite team. If your FOB is under attack you must respawn at base. If you cannot respawn at FOB and base is under attack you must wait till base is not under attack. If your base has been captured you must allow other team a 5 minute head start before initiating the chase.

1 medic per squad. These individuals will be marked either by armband or band on their weapon. Only medic may heal a player after he has been healed for the first time using that players bandage or msw tourniquet.

Bleed out time is 3 minutes after which time you are considered dead and will need to respawn. Return to base.


1 minute 1 hand on, once minute is up put the ACE Bandage or MSW TQ on the player

1st death- any player can heal another player,
2nd Death- only a medic can heal you
3rd Death- bleed out, then back to respawn

Radio channel 1 will be reserved for FW staff and emergency uses.
US FORCES will have 3 channels (3,4 and 5) and all sub channels.
ISIL FORCES will have 3 channels (10, 11 and 12) and all sub channels.
Radio communications will be vital as we will be using the entire field

Any further questions regarding gear, guns, or anything regarding the event please ask. Do not ask questions if the answer is in the rules. Team specifics will be released to C.O. the day of event. When a C.O. is chosen it will be announced that day.
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