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Operation Jungle Fever at Hidden Spring Ranch (Open Play 187)
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 4624 Dayton Springfield rd. Springfield OH 45502
Entry Fee: $25
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 400fps (with 0.20g) or 1.5J
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 600fps (400fps and above must be 18yrs old + )
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal ANSI rated 87.1.2003 goggles/mask
Magazine restrictions: No limitations on magazines.

Operation: Jungle Fever (Open Play 187)
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All rules:
Field Map:
Date: June 10th, 2017
Time: 0800 - 1700
Location: 4624 Dayton Springfield rd. Springfield OH 45502
Age restriction: 13 years old and up.
Check-In: 0800
Fee: $25.00 at the gate.

This will be an open play, which is not requiring any storyline. The day will focus on easy and quick game play.

WARNING: I reserve the right to adapt/change the event rules, depending but not limiting on attendance, weather, field condition, age and team sizes.

If you did not fill your 2017 waivers yet, please print, fill and give your copies at the gate (field waiver) and directly to me (event waiver):
Field waiver:
Event waiver:
ONLY PROPERLY FILLED waivers will be accepted.

All person in the playing zone need to wear Goggle or paintball mask with a minimum rating of ANSI 87.1 2003 . The mask/Goggle need to have a maximum gap less than 6mm between the frame and the skin.

Full face mask are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

How to RSVP?
{strikers_blade} [Remove] - {Strikers}, {Despat}, {+5 guests}, {food please}
{strikers_blade} = your username on AO
{Strikers} = your team affiliation
{despat} = your uniform color
{+5 guests} = your number of unregistered friends/guests
{food please} = If you and/or your friends are planning to buy a meal ticket

NOTICE: I reserve the right the cancel the event depending on family or work issues.

RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 1
  • Phantom8398 - Curly, green/civie, +3, no food needed.
Operation Crusader
Events: Public
GDI Legend  
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: Riverbottom Assault
Entry Fee: 20/25
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): NA
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 500
Minimum required safety equipment: Full Seal
Magazine restrictions: N/A

Operation Crusader
June 10 2017 – Riverbottom Assault
Hosted by JB Gunworx and the GDI Team
Sign in is at 8 play starts at 930
Age 13+

Tan team: ACU, Multicam, ATACS desert, Desert BDU, Desert MARPAT, etc
Green team: Green MARPAT, CADPAT, OD, Woodland, ATACS Green, etc

FPS Rules:
0-350 – Full auto everywhere
351-420 – Semi-auto in buildings and Full auto everywhere else
421 – 500 Semi only everywhere

Engagement distances and rules
0-350 minimum engagement distance is 20ft (6m)
351 – 420 minimum engagement distance is 30ft (10m)
421 – 500 - minimum engagement distance is 40ft (12m)

Magazine Restrictions: NONE

Facemasks and Eye Pro:
- Under 18 must have full face protection. 18+ must have full seal goggles

Please bring a kill rag

Bang Bang Kills:
- If you are within the specified minimum engagement distance you must call Bang Bang (safety kill)
- You must also:
- Have positive control of the situation
You must have your weapon up and pointed at the target and must
You also must say Bang Bang for every target (if there are multiple people in the area)

Grenade Rules:
- Grenades are allowed (you can use tennis balls, fake grenades, foam balls…etc)
- You may use each grenade once per round
- Kill radius is 10m or the room in the building that the grenade was tossed.

Gameplay Synopsis:
It is 2019, and the world has gone to hell. North Korea, Russia, and China have joined force and have invaded the mainland US and have pushed as far east as Ohio. The US military, or what is left of it, has assembled for a final assault.
The US forces consist of Army/Marine infantry, artillery, and an MP unit. There is also some air support standing by.
Mission 1: Acquisition - 1.5 Hour limit unless all of the boxes have been recovered.
Objective: Gather as much intel from the battlefield as possible. The more intel that is gathered, the more firepower the team will have in future operations. The intel is considered captured when it is returned to one of the commanders.
There will be 12 boxes spread across the battlefield that contain perks. Perks may include items or money, which can be used to buy airstrikes and weapons.
Mission 2: The push – 2hr limit or until lunch time.
Objective: The US forces must fight for 3 key locations. Ghost town, shanty town, and the bridge. The US forces must capture and hold 1 location for 20 mins before they can press on to the next objective. Once all objectives have been taken, and held, the round is over.
Mission 3: Lunch
Mission 3.5: There will be a Pistols only TDM immediately following lunch (optional)

Mission 4: Hold the Line
Objective: The Enemy forces must fight for 3 key locations. Ghost town, shanty town, and the bridge. The enemy forces must capture and hold each location for 20 mins before they can press on to the next objective. Once all objectives have been taken, and held, the round is over.
Mission 5: END of OP free play
If we end early, we will take suggestions on what game types everyone wants to play.

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 2 RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 2 RSVP'd Not Attending: 1
  • 2tall - Sorry not going to be able to make it. Was looking forward to shooting at you STAT guys.
Operation Freedom Resolve
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: Mercer Airsoft Center, 1915 Mercer-West Middlesex Rd, Mercer PA 16137
Entry Fee: 30.00
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): N/A
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 500
Minimum required safety equipment: Safety Goggles. Face Mask recommended
Magazine restrictions: None

After the many years of war and bloodshed in the middle east country of Kamistan, Cities that were once barely limping along under a corrupt dictatorship have finally collapsed under the weight of the US and coalition forces. A new government was hastily put in place by the people of Kamistan under guidance of the US in an attempt to begin what was to become a fully functioning democratic arabic society.
In the capital city of Qurac, Islamic moderates ruled the city and looked to the US military to help provide temporary security, humanitarian aid and arms, in addition to training future Kamistan security forces.

After receiving pressure, to remove US forces from Kamistan, the US military had no choice but to withdrawal and see if Kamistan could stand on its own two feet.

With the US military security and support removed, deepened turmoil creeped back into the region and the city of Qurac has become the home of the Islamic state.
With the moderates still remaining in the city, the Islamic state has put a large focus on recruitment and spreading the vision of grand jihad against the west.

Many moderates were converted and many men, women, and children have been taken into slavery throughout the city and country.

Once again, the US Government has taken up the fight in an attempt to push back the darkness of the Islamic state and restore the land back to the moderates.



0930 (09:30 AM) — Registration and Chronograph
1000 (10:00 AM) — U.S. Forces Pre-Op Formation (Squad Assignment, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) & Training)
1145 (11:45 AM) — Briefing
1200 (12:00 PM) — All Factions Take Field
1500 (03:00 PM) — Lunch (On Field With Team)
1800 (06:00 PM) — Op Endex, Debrief, Giveaways


$ 30.00 (All-Day) — Pay-At-The-Gate


While there will be three (3) factions for this event (U.S. Forces, Islamic Moderates & Islamic State), only the U.S. Forces team is open for regular player registration. All other factions are reserved for F.U.C.T. Rangers and Renegades.

UNIFORM & KIT (U.S. Forces)
Tan colored camouflage is recommended and encouraged (all patterns). Full kit is encouraged.
Note: Other colors are permitted if that is all the player has (no solid colors are permitted).


Unless otherwise noted, center safety rules and requirements will be enforced. To review those rules and requirements, click here. Additionally, all players must have a 2017 waiver on file in order to participate in this event. For adult waivers (18 years and older), click here. For minor waivers (17 years and younger), click here.

This event will use a bandage system. One (1) bandage on each arm is allowed and must be applied by a designated medic. A third death of player requires them to return to respawn.

Suicide vests have a kill radius of ten (10) feet. Suicide bombers also explode upon death. IED have a kill radius of fifteen (15) feet.

U.S. Forces are permitted to semi-automatic only and can only use mid-capacity magazines in non-support roles. Support weapon roles are permitted to use box magazines.


For most of you who are used to Milsim light, this will likely be a different experience for you. This Op has Pre Op tactics training as well as being a highly structured op, from chain of command, assignments, and objectives down to the team movements. This is not an open play.

Our goal is to make this easy for new players, but also give a bit of a deeper taste of Milsim. You will be required to bring all gear and supplied you will require for the day out on the field with you. They will be stored at StratCom Field HQ. If you need to restage, you will need to do so there.

The training will be very important to the success and experience of this op. Please make it a point to be there if at all possible. If unable to, your squad members will need to bring you up to speed.
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