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Six hours. The bengazi milsim.
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 1915 Mercer West Middlesex Rd Mercer, Pennsylvania 16137
Entry Fee: $20 prereg
Minimum Age: 16
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 500
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 500
Minimum required safety equipment: Amsi rated goggles
Magazine restrictions: Read the event rules.

Pre registration link

TF-150 would like to invite you to a nonstandard mil-sim game based off the movie 13 hours.

This game will require strict use of uniforms. Players will be asked to arrive on time and prepared for multiple hours of Milsim events.
Gates will open at 9am
Mandatory Game briefing 10:30 AM.
Game on: 11: AM
Lunch break 3-4 PM
Game on 4-6 PM
Endex 6PM.
Raffle to be held after endex.

Pre-registration will save you money and guarantee you a spot on the team of your choice.

Secret soldiers. Multicam, Multicam black, all black. Gear color does not matter. Plate carriers and high-speed gear recommended.

Libyan rebels: Civilian clothing, mismatched uniforms. no Multicam or black. gear color does not matter. light gear encouraged chest rigs, belts, bandoleers.

This is a Semi-auto only event, unless using an approved support replica.

Midcaps are required, but not limited, carry as many or few as you like.

Player will not be allowed to use flash mags or any kind of powered magazine unless approved with your support replica. One high cap will be allowed if you clear it with staff the day of the game.

Medics: players on the Secret Soldier side will be required to use a tourniquet style bandage. Ace bandages, MSW tourniquet, gauze bandages will work as well. Players are allowed to be healed twice, one tourniquet per arm. After both are used they must return to respawn.

Players on the Rebel side will be required to use a tourniquet style bandage. Ace bandages, MSW tourniquet, gauze bandages will work as well. Players are allowed to be healed once.

Players are asked to play out their hit and fall to the ground during the bleed out timer. Bleedout for the Secret Soldiers will be five (5) minutes. Bleedout for the Rebel side will be one minute.

Secret soldiers will have Set spawn locations based upon time of being hit and status of the game.

Rebels will be allowed to spawn 300 feet from any ongoing conflict in groups of 5 players or more. Rebels are asked and reminded to be respectful when respawning in.

Dragging: Players that wished to be moved when dead are required to have Two alive team Members place both hands on the hit players and WALK them to the desired location.

GRENADES: Anything that goes BOOM will have a kill radius of 15 feet. Players are encouraged to give the benefit of the doubt and accept the grenade kill.

The bang-bang and parley system is a safety kill system. In view of the fact that the center permits the use of high-velocity replicas, the use of this system by all players is mandatory. The maximum engagement distance where the system must be used is 15 feet. It cannot be used at more than 15 feet. As a result, players using support weapons and bolt action weapons are recommended to utilize a pistol or secondary weapon that is permitted to bridge the gap.

Using Bang-Bang & Parley
1. Three conditions must be met:

A. Your replica must be loaded and able to fire.

B. You must be able to see the player you are making the call towards.

C. Your replica must be pointed in the direction of the player you are making the call towards.

2. When the three conditions are met, the player should yell "bang-bang". When used towards a group of players, the phrase must be used towards each player in the group. The player that the call is made towards should take their dead rag out immediately and wait or their bleed-out period (if any) to expire or to be healed by a medic (if any).

3. When two opposing players use the bang-bang call on each other at the same time both players should use the parley call. Under parley, both players take our their dead rags and walk 20 feet in opposite directions. When that distance has been achieved both players should remove their dead rags and return to the action.

Cost: Pre-registration: $20. Spots for secret soldiers will be limited. Players who pre-reg will receive extra raffle entries.

Pay at the gate will be allowed but a price increase will be associated with it. Players are asked to pre-reg to save money and to help plan accordingly for the event.

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