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War Den Airsoft - Opening Day 2018
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 6798 Little Buckhorn Rd SW, Stone Creek, Ohio 43840
Entry Fee: $20
Minimum Age: 10
Maximum FPS (Indoor): See description
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): See description
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal goggles/full face
Magazine restrictions: N/A

Season 8 Opener

Open to the public. All players 10+ welcome.

Open Plays at War Den Airsoft are a more relaxed event designed for players ages 10+ and all skill levels. No special gear is required beyond the basics. Rental equipment is available on site for $20.00 – Includes Mask, Gun, Magazine, and battery. All players will be given a free bottle of water at registration. Stay hydrated!

$15.00 Pre-Pay
$20 at the gate
$25 Parent with a child
$16 Per player for teams of 5 or more


Registration is open the entire day. Players are allowed to arrive and leave whenever they wish. Keep in mind that players who miss the current game briefing will be required to be briefed on the rules by a Marshal prior to entering game play.

Field Rules can be found on our website:


Field Class – Semi / Full Auto - 400 FPS (.20) / 1.49J - 327 FPS (.30)
CQB Class – Indoor Semi Auto– 365 FPS (.20) / 1.24J – 305 FPS (.30)
DMR Class - Approved Semi-Auto Locked AEG– 450 FPS 1.88J – 367 FPS (.30) (AEG ONLY)
Sniper Class – Approved Bolt Action– 500 FPS / 2.32J – 407 FPS (.30)
These limits are the maximum allowed with the site chronograph and there is no additional leeway. Any reading over the limit will mean that the weapon cannot be used.
Semi locked must not be capable of full auto and must be approved for the DMR class by War Den Airsoft.
Anything up to 1.24J has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 10ft
Anything over 1.49J has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 25ft.
Anything over 1.88J has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 50ft
Anything over 2.32J has a Minimum Engagement Distance of 100ft
Biodegradable bb’s only are allowed at War Den Airsoft.
Max bb weight allowed is .33g. If you are caught with anything higher you will be asked to leave the site.
Rate of fire is capped at 25 rps. At War Den Airsoft we do not condone overshooting players.

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G2 Tactical April Night Op
Events: Public
Tyler Adams  
04-07-2018 to 04-08-2018 06:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Event Location: 7750 Wildcat rd, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424
Entry Fee: $25
Minimum Age: 12
Maximum FPS (Indoor): n/a
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 400 fps
Minimum required safety equipment: Full face protection under 18
Magazine restrictions: N/A

It does not matter if your are new to airsoft or a seasoned player, G2 Tactical's monthly Night Op event guaruntees each player a night of adrenline pumping, BB slinging, and fast paced milsim action that you wont find at any other field in the area.
I70 Paintball&Airsoft partners with G2 Tactical Consulting to organize, oversee and bring all the "Special" effects that have made I70 Airsoft "NIGHT OP" event a unique experience, including smokes, flares and rockets.
Event enrty fee is $25.00
If you don't have equipment, no problem, I70 has equipment to rent or browse around our recently remodeled Pro Shop and updated airsoft inventory.


For the safety of each player it is highly recommended, but not required, that every player brings a flashlight to the event. It does not need to be tactical, anything works just in case you need it.

Full seal eye protection. No exceptions. If you are under 18 face protection is required.

Good footware, hiking boots are the best, shoes not so good.

WATER,WATER,WATER, enough said!

Communication equipment that has the FSR/GMRS frequencies.

If you have any questions feel free to send us a FB message or give us a call and we look forward to seeing you at I70 Paintball/Airsoft

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