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Fallen Warrior Airsoft Fifth Annual Trader Days
Events: Public
07-28-2017 to 07-30-2017 04:00 PM to 01:30 PM
Event Location: 6985 Egypt Pike Chillicothe, Oh 45601
Entry Fee: 15-50
Minimum Age: 10
Maximum FPS (Indoor): N/A
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 500
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal goggles
Magazine restrictions: N/A

Our Fifth annual Trader Days Weekend is July 28-30th. For people that have not been here before, This is a weekend event where players and vendors come and set up tables to buy, sell and trade all their unwanted Airsoft gear.
Friday:gates will open at you can bring campers in and get your tents set up. Games will likely start around 7 and run into the evening.
Saturday: normal game time for the day game and then their will be a night game starting around 8pm.
Sunday: normal start time and will be over at 1:30.

Cost of the event: 1- day pass with play $35, weekend pass with play $50,1- day pass no play $15, weekend pass no play $30
These games are all going to be open play style games. So no restrictions on gear or guns you can use. We will be running an after lunch objective based game on Saturday.

If you guys have any questions feel free to post them here, so that everyone else can see the answers! - Eazy

- If fields or vendors are wanting to set up a booth please contact me or the FW Airsoft page. We would love to have you.
Open play @ riverbottom assault
Events: Public
GDI Legend  
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: Riverbottom Assault
Entry Fee: 20/25
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): n/a
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 500
Minimum required safety equipment: goggles
Magazine restrictions: no

JB Gunworx and GDI are hosting a free play on July 29th
Sign in is at 8 play starts at 930
Age 13+

Tan team: ACU, Multicam, ATACS desert, Desert BDU, Desert MARPAT, etc
Green team: Green MARPAT, CADPAT, OD, Woodland, ATACS Green, etc

FPS Rules:
0-350 – Full auto everywhere
351-420 – Semi-auto in buildings and Full auto everywhere else
421 – 500 Semi only everywhere

Engagement distances and rules
0-350 minimum engagement distance is 20ft (6m)
351 – 420 minimum engagement distance is 30ft (10m)
421 – 500 - minimum engagement distance is 40ft (12m)

Magazine Restrictions: NONE

Facemasks and Eye Pro:
- Under 18 must have full face protection. 18+ must have full seal goggles

Please bring a kill rag

Bang Bang Kills:
- If you are within the specified minimum engagement distance you must call Bang Bang (safety kill)
- You must also:
- Have positive control of the situation
You must have your weapon up and pointed at the target and must
You also must say Bang Bang for every target (if there are multiple people in the area)

Grenade Rules:
- Grenades are allowed (you can use tennis balls, fake grenades, foam balls…etc)
- You may use each grenade once per round
- Kill radius is 10m or the room in the building that the grenade was tossed.
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