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OP: Heartbreaker at Fallen Warrior Airsoft
Events: Public
08-19-2017 to 08-20-2017 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Event Location: 6985 Egypt Pike
Entry Fee: 40/50
Minimum Age: 14
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 400
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 500
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal goggles, full face under 18
Magazine restrictions: Midcaps


14 has been 14 years since United Western Coalition (UWC) marched into the country of Kurdistan under the guise of toppling a ruthless dictator. They said they would liberate the people from the oppressive rule of the regime, but after the bombs stopped, the fire ceased, and the war was over. They stayed. They built military bases and embassies. They created unnecessary buildings for their entertainment and enjoyment, while drunkenly
alienating the local population.
Tensions ran high in the countries following election as many felt that a UWC puppet was placed in power, despite the overwhelming support of the Kurdish people for his opposition.
There then began to be rumors being spread amongst the UWC that the Kurds were forming a rebel army, but had next to no proof of these assumptions. Under false pretenses UWC mobilized and began searching through towns,
villages, and the country sides looking for any kind of proof of a rebel army mobilizing.
Soon people who spoke out against the UWC publicly began vanishing and those who were even under suspicion of even a whisper of
negativity about the UWC saw themselves arrested under the pretense of treason.
Things came to a head when during one of the UWCs local "Patrols" a young private, Ralph Starks, assaulted and murdered a village chieftain in front of his family stating it was self-defense. At the time NATO did not get involved due to its prior relationship with the UWC. The Kurdish people saw this as a great dis-service and favoritism by NATO rather than the
organization coming in to mediate the issues with UWC. The criticism of the Kurdish people which was once hushed, was louder than ever. They began demonstration in the streets and rally their countrymen to their cause. The
message from the Kurds was clear, they wanted the UWC out, they wanted their puppet government out, and would accept nothing less. For a time there was hope for the Kurds as the UWC no longer began patrolling the cities and
villages, but rather took a more defensive position in their bases and embassies. It wasn't until 30 MAY 2017 where the massacre of Sulaymaniyah occurred. Their people
had gathered in protest of the UWC. What started as a peaceful protest ended abruptly when members of the UWC began opening fire into the crowd of protestors. UWC continually denies that the orders were given, rather that
individual soldiers took it upon themselves to put an end to the protests. What followed the initial burst of fire, was a 4 week long battle that put
the city in siege. Local businesses were destroyed, cars laid in the street either flipped over or a smoldering mess due to Molotov cocktails, or other incendiary explosives. After the battles conclusion the final death toll was astounding with the Kurdistani people losing 3,000 lives to the UWC Military. Though the kurds took substantial losses, the battle was considered a victory as the UWC sent the bulk of its military in support of the battle, which ended with both the loss the UWC's embassy in the city but the complete obliteration Fire Base Tahar, which was the second largest military base the UWC had. The following weeks have seen
more and more people join the cause of a free Kurdistan. So much so that they became a legitimate army going by the name of the People's Army of Kurdistan (PRK). The PRK fought the UWC to the last man in every battle with each battle going either way, one day the PRK would strike a decisive victory, the next the UWC would secure an equally as important victory. Running low on man power, supplies, and assistance, with NATO abandoning the
UWC due to the massacre at Sulaymaniyah. The UWC amassed its all of its forces, in what they are calling Operation Heartbreaker. Intelligence from the PRK has stated that the UWC have uncovered a weapon and plan to unleash it
in the capital of Kurdistan, Erbil. If successful the UWC could cripple not only the PRKs supply routes, but intelligence, and economy. Rumor has it that the UWC strike will happen the 19th of August 2017. Both the UWC and PRK have been recruiting aggressively not only within country but also to neighboring and outlying countries promising wealth and more for those
willing to assist their side during Operation Heartbreaker. So the only question left to be asked is..what side are you going to join?

This will be a 24 hour event. Once you are deployed, you will be on the field for the remainder of the game.

Pre Register Entry Fee $40 (send money through PayPal to PLEASE put which Team you will be fighting for) or $50 at the gate.
Payments by credit card can also be made if you message the page.

*Pre Registered Players will receive one extra raffle ticket for the raffle at the end of the game.



August 19 and 20th
Gates Open/ Registration at 0800
Chrono 0930-12:00
Safety/Game Brief 1230
Game starts at 1300
Game ends at 1200 on the 20th
Game debrief and Raffle at 1230

United Western Coalition (UWC)-Full Military Tan Uniform (Multicam,Despat,AOR1,Atacs AU, Full tan bottoms and tops Etc.)

UWC CO is Johnny Gardner (Bushmaster). Once registered for his Faction, you will be added to the planning page on Facebook.

People's Army of Kurdistan (PRK) Uniform (M81 Woodland, Marpat, AOR2, Flektarn, Atacs FG, Full Green top and Bottom, ETC.)

PRK CO is Ryan Mullins (Reaper). Once registered for his Faction, you will be added to the planning page on Facebook.


RADIOS! RADIOS! RADIOS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENT! If you do not have a radio you will have to run beside someone that does for the day. radios are crucial to for your Factions success.

If you want to be a Squad Leader, get with your CO and we will put you in that position. SL must have a Radio!
IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR CAMO ON THE LIST, post on the event page to make sure it is ok to use! ACU IS NOT ALOUD AT THIS EVENT.

(Rifleman/ CO)
-Primary may be anything except support.
-No box mags. (8) mid caps only.
Fps restricted to 400fps or below
-1.5 joules hpa

-Must have a genuine Support style replica, (M249, M240, M60, PKM, RPK, etc) M27 is not authorized as support.
-Fps restriction to 400fps or below
-1.5 joules hpa

(Sniper) Must Be 18+
-Bolt action/DMR
-Ghillie Suit required
-Secondary Pistol will be required due to m.e.d. rule for class.
-Fps restriction to max of 500 for bolt action, 450 for DMR hpa semi locked.
-450 to 500 Fps will be 100ft m.e.d.
-400 to 449 Fps will have 75ft m.e.d.
-Sniper class will have special missions throughout the day

-Same specifications as Rifleman
- Certain roles on different missions you will be able to perform

(Grenades, 40mm, 203s)
-If a grenade is tossed into a building it must be within eye site of the player for them to be killed.
-40mm grenades must be shot through the window or doorway of a building in order for it to destroy the floor it lands on. It kills everyone on the floor it enters.

-Base Box/return to base - 1000
-CO/XO capture/return to base - 500
-FLAG control Point 150 per 15minutes
-Mission point capture and holds, points determined per mission.
- Resource Point system will be announced later

You will be restricted to (8) mid caps only. Ammo is unlimited, reloading will be allowed on the field as gameplay is going. You will not be restricted to reload at base. Ace bandage or msw tourniquet is required per player no exceptions. In order to gain capture points of players you must first heal them, then hands on escort that player back to your base and confirm it with admin. Same goes for flags, they must be taken back to your base and confirm capture with admin.

After healing and capturing one of the key players to the game you must "disarm player" by saying "you are disarmed". Player will remove mag from gun and clear weapon. You then must hands on escort that player back to your base. At any time if your hands come off the player they "can" retrieve their mag and place it back into their gun to escape.

Your base flag will be Capturable AT ALL TIMES. Your flag is required to be in the open in plain sight, not in a tree or hidden in the bushes. Flag will be placed in the ground by Admin and will remain until/if captured. If your flag is captured and other team earned points for it, an admin will escort the flag back and replace it. Your FOB flag however, if taken will require you as a team to retrieve it. No FOB flag means No forward operating base for you. This is key for respawn!

After bleeding out/or being captured you must take the most direct route back to base. This will prevent any player from getting an eye full of any other missions or locations of players of the opposite team. If your FOB is under attack you must respawn at base. If you cannot respawn at FOB and base is under attack you must wait till base is not under attack. If your base has been captured you must allow other team a 5 minute head start before initiating the chase.

EVERYONE IS A MEDIC. You can be healed back Twice (3 deaths) before having to go back to respawn. On your 3rd death you must wait your bleed out before going to respawn. Everyone is Required to carry 2 TQ/Ace bandages.

Bleed out time is 5!minutes after which time you are considered dead and will need to respawn. Return to base.


Wrap players arm with TQ/Ace bandage, then the player is back in the game.

Radio channel 1 will be reserved for FW staff and emergency uses.
UWC FORCES will have channels (3-7) and all sub channels.
PRK FORCES will have channels (8-12) and all sub channels.

Radio communications will be vital as we will be using the entire field

Any further questions regarding gear, guns, or anything regarding the event please ask. Do not ask questions if the answer is in the rules. Game objectives will be released to your Factions commanding officer, which will then be past down to you.

MORE INFO To come out within the next week or so. This game is one you do not want to miss!

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 1
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