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Operation Purging Fury at Calamityville
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 506 E Xenia Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324
Entry Fee: Undecided
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 350
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 550
Minimum required safety equipment: Full Seal ANSI rated goggles
Magazine restrictions: MidCaps Only

First off I would like to thank everyone that came out for the first two games at Calamityville, you are the ones that made this possible. Second, I hope you are all ready for an all out MilSim game at Team Stormblade's newest field. This game is connected to the story lines of Op Backdraft and Op Flashover, and features everyone's favorite super villain Al Hazen! Make sure you read everything here, and check back for weekly updates to the event and story line!

The Situation:

Boa Vista is the capital city of the small impoverished country of Roraima. Their economy focuses mostly around industry and require many of their required resources to be imported. Without warning Anatoli Crichev closed down all borders and began rationing necessities such as food, water, medical supplies, and fuel. The rationing is far from fair with Loyalist party members and their families receiving much of the supplies and leaving the rest of the citizens to fend for themselves. The U.S. intervened and and began controlling the borders of Roraima so that they could control the import of resources and aid and make sure that it is fairly distributed amongst the citizens.

Anatoli Crichev and his Loyalist party are not happy with this situation but do not have the manpower necessary to go into open warfare with the U.S. The Loyalists still reside in power over Roraima and its capital, Boa Vista. They have the most wealth and military strength but have no real resources to call their own. Everything they have the received the got while in power and have stockpiled over the years. Anatoli Crichev knows that his supplies will eventually run out and he is trying to find a way to retain power over Roraima. Since the U.S. occupation the Loyalists have done nothing drastic to spark U.S. military intervention but it is not out of the picture if it can be done right.

Ampa, an area of Roraima close to Boa Vista, is rich with industry and has begun to form their own militia to be used in helping create a separatist movement. They have plenty of export to trade for resources and are not reliant on U.S. aid but still accept in. They have their own idea of how they would want to run a country and are actively trying to create their own country and government that would not be associated with the Loyalists and the rest of Roraima. Early intel reports show that their ideas of Separatism are being fueled by Al Hazen.

The majority of citizens living in Boa Vista have rallied behind a new figurehead, Johnny Democracy. He and his people have come forward with new ideas including an open government, new elections, and better economic conditions for the nation. These people have embraced the ideals of democracy but do not have much in the way of resources or militia to achieve their goal. They rely heavily on U.S. aid for simple necessities and defense and view the Separatists as another thorn in their side on the path to creating a united and free country

This event will require players to think on their feet and be ready to react to dynamic situations. During this event it may not always be a shoot on sight scenario, RoE’s, alliances, and tactics will need to be fluid to accomplish all the tasks.

The Political Leaders:

Al Hazen (Caine Hazen)

Anatoli Crichev (Jonah)

Johnny Democracy (Open)
These three role players will the the political leader of their faction, under them we will be having regular CO's in charge of the squads and completing objectives. If you would like to apply for the open role player spot let me know.

Player Count:
30 players per faction and 12-16 roleplayers for the U.S. Peacekeepers

Radios are required equipment for every player!!

Pricing and Payment:
This event will be preregistration only, with registration opening on 6/9/2013 details on how to pay will be posted closer to that date.

Entry Fee's
$35 per person, but register with a group of five or more players and receive $5 off per person! (Must pay together unless prior arrangements are made with Titan.)

Event Schedule:

Players Arrive 8:00AM
Weapons Check 8:30AM until completed
Safety Briefing 9:15AM
Game Start 9:30AM
Lunch Break 12:30PM
Game Restart 1:15PM
Event Endex 5:30PM

The waiver can be found here! Due to location restrictions the game will be limited to 18 and up!
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