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Sept 1st NEO/WPA day "A New America 'Troop Surge'"
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 3368 carson saltsprings rd warren oh 44481
Entry Fee: 20
Minimum Age: 14
Maximum FPS (Indoor): na
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 520
Minimum required safety equipment: goggles/water recommend face and teeth protection
Magazine restrictions: 1 highcap unlimted midcaps

NEO/WPA day "A New America";" Troop Surge!"
Neo/WPA day Mission: A New America; Sept 1st 2035 "Troop Surge"

The entrance is an access road located directly between these two addresses
3368 carson saltsprings rd warren oh 44481
3352 carson saltsprings rd warren oh 44481


Sun Sept. 1st 2013

Check in starts at 10:30 am briefing by 11:30 am (we pushed the time back due to late arrivals last time, try to be sharp!)

Open to the airsoft public

Us Military Side
Full dress uniform top and bottom. May be tan or green
1highcap or unlimited midcaps
Radio required for CO and SL

Delta MAX 8 Players
All Black, CB "OR" OD. Vest and uniform.
Midcaps only
single shot and burst only except for support

N.O.A New Order America or (noah) MAX 40
Half dress uniform top OR Bottom ( do not wear both) ie Multi cam top and blue jeans on bottom.
1 high cap or unlimited midcaps
Radio required for CO and SL

Last time on A New America: The NOA forces lost control of the counties resources. The bomb plans and Bomb maker are now in custody of the Govt forces. As well as NOA pilot Major Mayweather.
Although the govt managed to out maneuver the noa forces the rebels have gained the favor of the villages. The govt' move to control resources and harsh treatment of the population have caused the people to turn on them. The governments plan to poison the water supply made county wide headlines and has gained interest from outside rebel forces.

Player Gunny, Player shorty and TF216' "D" took the FOB while Govt forces were spread thin. The result was a 10 minute firefight between the govt commander Col himself and 3 tangos. The Noa forces over powered the valiant commander and seized the city markers and mortars. They however, left the commander to die. .. .. But he did not die. The Col. lives and now he has called for reinforcements. the NOA forces need a moral victory.

Us (there will be an organizer vehicle for use )
1.Provide security to trumbull county. This area is yet to be restabilized.
2.Win back the population
3.Question captives.
4.Put captives on convoy/ ensure safe travel.
5.Ensure supply convoys keep moving Establish 3 checkpoints
6.Ensure supply convoy keeps moving by providing security at their destinations
7.Eliminate NOA leader
8. You will be given three respawn areas (MASH place these where you'd like. You will need to conduct patrols from these areas of operation.

Delta MAX 8 players (all black fatigues,CB "OR" OD/must register via pm)
The Govt COL has given you one job. Bring us the Insurgent commander and squad leaders.

N.O.A. MAX 40 players. You must register via pm.
Read description above.
Objectives Classified. Registered personnel only.

There are more objectives based on outcomes and player input. Classified

Govt. Healing will be done with 10 second touch followed by wrapping white bandage around the injured players arm(or gear). Bandages will be supplied. 1 medic /5 people

Delta. All medics 5 minute touch


Respawn (ALL TEAMS)
Your team will be responsible for establishing their own respawn area. (This is not a safe area) You must wait 5 minutes before entering the game from respawn or engaging from respawn.

All role players maybe coerced using your ... ... charm.

Grenade rules
5' kill outside or everyone in room, inside

FPS limts measured with .20gram
0-400 fps 0ft
400-450 50 ft single only
450-500 100 ft bolt only
520+ no go!
600+ Law Enforcement Notified

Full seal ansi required. Masks are not required. We recommend teeth and eye protection

This is a very large field. Be prepared to have everything you need to survive the day.
Airsoft replica
People did not bring enough water last time. You cannot always count on us to provide it for you.

If you plan on bringing a 4x4 truck please private message. Only GOVT this time fellas.
vehicle rules
1. Only allowed on roads
2. 5mph only
3. players may engage from vehicles with weapons
4. you may not engage vehicles with small arms ( airsoft aegs.gbbs etc) rockets , grenades, mines only.

Direct hit with nerf 203 or 5' with handgrenades

1st hit the vehicle is disabled 3 minutes; then fully functional. operators inside the vehicle MUST dismount. They may not fire or be fired upon until both boots touch the ground.

2nd hit vehicle is destroyed
DON"T FORGET YOUR 203s this time.

This is a call your own hits field. You have two options in dealing with a suspect cheater. 1. call yourself out and in a low tone inform the player they are hit (they must comply) 2. call game organizer.

Radio channels
We use a system called icom chatter where by both NOA and Government commanders will use radio channel 1 to receive orders/objectives from staff
Channels 2-5 Government
Channels 6-11 NOA

entrance 20 dollars
Gird map is on face book
350 acres with buildings and roads!

RSVP'd Not Attending: 1
  • Doc2079 - Will not be attending, due to team practice.
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