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Operation Warfighter, Hidden Spring Ranch, Milsim Series
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 4624 Dayton Springfield rd. Springfield OH 45502
Entry Fee: $25.00
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 400fps
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 600fps
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal ANSI rated 87.1.2003 goggles/mask
Magazine restrictions: No high capacity magazine allowed

Operation: Warfighter
All rules:
Field Map:
Date: June 15th, 2013
Time: 0800 - 1700
Location: 4624 Dayton Springfield rd. Springfield OH 45502
Age restriction: 13 years old and up.
Check-In: 0800
Fee: $25.00 at the gate.

Copyright Electronic arts

Springfield Hidden ranch is proud to present you the first event ever played in Ohio where the battle take the shape of a multi-nations conflict.

Join the battle by selecting an original BDU pattern and an original country flag. With more than 150 countries around the world, I am pretty sure you can get a unique flag
You can either buy your flag via your local store or simply order it online at places like this one;

PLEASE DO NOT USE France or China flags as they will be used for tan/green based solo players.

As far as unique BDU pattern, Try to select something not already on the list just to make it more original. If you can't have a unique BDU, no worries as your flag will serve as your ID.

WARNING: I reserve the right to revert back to a regular event ROE, depending but not limiting on attendance, weather, field condition, age and team sizes.

If you did not fill your 2013 waivers yet, please print, fill and give your copies at the gate (field waiver) and directly to me (event waiver):
Field waiver:
Event waiver:
ONLY PROPERLY FILLED waivers will be accepted.

All person in the playing zone need to wear Goggle or paintball mask with a minimum rating of ANSI 87.1 2003 . The mask/Goggle need to have a maximum gap less than 6mm between the frame and the skin.

Full face mask are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

How to RSVP?
{strikers_blade} [Remove] - {Strikers}, {Despat}, {Netherland} {+5 guests}, {food please}
{strikers_blade} = your username on AO
{Strikers} = your team affiliation
{despat} = your uniform color
{Netherland} = your represented country
{+5 guests} = your number of unregistered friends/guests
{food please} = If you and/or your friends are planning to buy a meal ticket

NOTICE: I reserve the right the cancel the event depending on family or work issues.


RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 22
  • 513Sherman - Nomad, Atacs, Old Ireland, +4
  • 55555 - DCU,USA, 3 guests, food please
  • A Man Named Lurch - Strikers, despat, Canada, food please
  • augblaster13 - Sytos, CONTRACTOR, Malta, 0 guests, no food
  • Augustus Roga - USA Seals ,woodland +5 food for all.
  • bigaltes - I.A.M. Multicam + 5 if slot opens, Australian Special Operations Command no food
  • Blade - Strikers, Despat, Canada, JTF2
  • Chief - Strikers, DESPAT, +5 Guests, Food Please
  • Dully357 - Multicam, Canada JTF2, +3, no food
  • Hillslam - Strikers, Despat, CANADA , 1 guest, no food
  • J0KER - Strikers / Canada
  • JESTER. - VAC, Despat pants Black shirts, Ireland ARW, Food please
  • JTP709 - Solid Khaki, Israel, tan pants and green top, +1 guest, food please for 2
  • LoneWolf666 - ACU's, no food.
  • Nforcer - ACU, Most likely Sweden, +1, food
  • nhviper - Nighthawks, +4 right now, DCU. British SAS, Food for all
  • Ozone T20 - Multicam. US Pararescue. Maybe. Ill ask my team.
  • Reaper117 - Multicam, US SF,no food
  • Shadow stalker - Dcu,us delta force ,+1
  • SpecialOp7 - Multicam: USA SF: No food: No Guests
  • Vicious - Hornet Strike, Desert marpat, +1 guest, no food
  • wolverine - 5 man team acu Whiskey Hounds
RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 13
  • airsoft junkie - +2 woodland on whatever team Blade puts us. unless i find an Albanian flag at a surplus store tomorrow. no food
  • BlackOut - Team Infection, Woodland BDU, Albania, +3 Guests possible 4, no food
  • Chupacabra - S.F. 24, Khaki Bottom/OD Top, IDF/Israeli National Army, food please, 0 guests
  • Holiday - 0 guests, food please
  • JackKnife - [Black Watch], Flektarn, Scotland, +6 guests, food please
  • LastPatton - URBAN WARRIORS, Marpat, Royal Bahamas Defense Force, no Food, +5 guests
  • ohio airsofter - marpat german KSK+1 no food
  • Osprey - Woodland,food,IDF
  • PC590 - URBAN WARRIORS, Royal Bahamas Defense Force , No Food
  • Snipeyo - S.F. 24, Tan bottom green top, IDF, food please. "Aharai!"
  • WarriorWithinIV - WarriorWithinIV - Marpat, Special Forces of Unspecifiedistan (will try to pick up a flag on the way), no food
  • WhiteOut - S.F. 24/Kahki trousers OD top/+6/Food/Israeli National Army
  • xSmokinJaysx - + 1
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