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OOBI Milsim Open Play at Fallen Warrior Airsoft (Operation Dos)
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 6985 Egypt Pike. Chillicothe, Oh 45601
Entry Fee: 20
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): N/A
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 400
Minimum required safety equipment: ANSI Rated Eyewear, Water, Dead Rag
Magazine restrictions: See Below

Out of the Box Industries Milsim Open Play, hosted by Jonahm740 at Fallen Warriors Airsoft, CHILLICOTHE OHIO

Due to the low interest in Operation Firestorm we have decided to postpone the event until a date to be determined and instead run a Milsim Open Play in it's stead....Operation Dos .

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A MILSIM STYLE OPEN PLAY AND AS SUCH THINGS WILL BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT. The idea for the day is to give newer players an introduction into milsim events as well as to allow the vets a chance for a day of solid objective driven operations. Players MUST have a full uniform to attend as well as it being strongly suggested that you have a radio.

Fallen Warriors Airsoft Field
6985 Egypt Pike. Chillicothe, Oh 45601

Field Fee: $15/person, $20/person with lunch
Minimum Age: 11-12 (with participating parent/guardian) 13-17 (with parent/guardian signed waiver)
Maximum FPS: 400 no exceptions!!!!!
Required Safety Equipment: full seal ANSI z87.1 rated goggles or facemask, death rag. If you are under 18 you must have a mask with full face protection. YOU MUST HAVE A DEATH RAG TO ENTER PLAY. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THEM THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR 1 DOLLAR.
Recommended Safety Equipment: mouth guard, gloves with knuckle protection, hard soled boots and anti-fog wipes
Play Area: Over 140 acres with multiple villages, an ammo dump, internment camp/chow hall, slums and more natural features than you can shake a stick at.
Scenarios: The day will consist of two separate scenarios, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with the events of the AM scenario impacting the setup of the PM scenario.

0900 - 1000 Setup, Registration, Chrono, Safety Briefing
1000 - 1300 Morning Games (sweep and clear as well as other objective based games)
1300 - 1400 Lunch/R&R
1400 - 1700 Afternoon Games (scenarios with objectives)

Registration: When you pay you will submit your waiver (we will have plenty onsite if you need them and receive a wristband signifying you have paid. After you have checked in bring any guns you plan on using that day to the chrono station WITH AN EMPTY MAGAZINE. We will supply .2g madbull match grade bbs for the chrono. The highest FPS that you chrono with will be recorded on your wristband and any spot checks that result in you shooting above that level will result in immediate dismissal from the event no exceptions. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FPS MAXIMUM FOR THIS EVENT IS 400 WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. IF YOU SHOW UP WITH YOUR SNIPER RILFE OR DMR SETUP OR YOUR GUN SHOOTS ABOVE 400 YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY, NO EXCEPTIONS.

- This event will have multiple factions and will be conducted a little differently. Please pay attention to the following restrictions as they will enforced with no exceptions being made. If you are planning on attending with your friends and don't wear the same pattern you WILL be split. This is a milsim style event and we want to promote proper use of uniforms. PLEASE NOTE To be considered in uniform you must wear the full uniform (Combat Shirts are okay). Mixed camo will have it's own category.

US Special Operations: Multi-Cam RSVP Tan - Specify US Forces
People's Liberation Army: Green based patterns (Marpat, Woodland, ATACS-FG etc.)
McBeardy Boys: Solid Bottoms (OD or Tan), Black Tops
Spartan Security Services: Tan Based Patterns (Despat, DCU, ATACS etc. NO MULTI-CAM)

- As this is a milsim themed open midcaps are preferred. As we are trying to introduce milsim to those who may not have experienced it before, players will alternately be able to use no more than 2 high cap magazine if they have no midcaps.

- BB projecting grenades are acceptable
- Thunder B's are permitted
- M203/M79 type bb projecting grenades are acceptable
- Cold smoke grenades are acceptable.
- Hand or 40mm grenade ricochets count as hits
- Do NOT pick up other players grenades unless instructed to do so

Grenades must project BB's to count as a kill with one exception. Grenades that detonate in a building kill all players inside. Special grenade rules exist for the 2 story compound and will be covered in Briefing.

Minimum Engagement Distance
- 0-10ft "SAFETY KILL/BANG BANG" rule goes into effect, this is for player safety. ALL PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THIS RULE WITH NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!

Medic Rules:

We will be experimenting with a new medic system. Medics will be assigned by faction but each will be given two decks of playing cards and a reference sheet to go with them. When a player is wounded, the medic must first spend 30 seconds (counted out loud) in contact with the wounded player. The medic then flips a card from the top of the deck and checks the result on their reference sheet. Different decks will be used for those wearing body armor (Plate Carriers Only) and those who are not.


There are currently two full villages and other fortifications around the play area that we will be using. When inside the bounds of the villages fire is SEMI AUTO ONLY. Players in violation of this rule will be warned once. A second violation of these rules will result in your being removed from the field. Support weapons need to be used with extreme care due to the nature of close in engagements.

- All players MUST bring water and carry it on the field. It is recommended you bring at least 1 gallon. Any containers are allowed as long as you do not leave it in the field after usage.
- It is recommended you bring snacks/food as well. The field owners will have lunch available at ridiculously reasonable prices.


Rental packages are currently available through Fallen Warrior Airsoft and can be reserved here: The rate includes the fee for the open and rentals must be reserved ahead of time as supplies are limited. Additionally Fallen Warrior Airsoft now has a full service pro-shop onsite that carries guns, bbs, gear and repairs to meet all of your airsoft needs on the spot.


Waiver can be found here:

Field Map can be found here:

Post any questions you have and one of the OOBI staff will get back with you shortly.

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 16 RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 16 RSVP'd Not Attending: 11
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