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Operation: Nocture
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: Splatter Park 5560 CR109 Mt Gilead,OH 43338
Entry Fee: $25 - $35
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 400
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 500fps bolt-action
Minimum required safety equipment: Full Seal ANSI z87.1 goggles, facemask under 18
Magazine restrictions: High caps allowed, max one per person (see below)

GATES OPEN 1400 (2pm)
Check in/chrono 1400-1530
Safety briefing 1530 (3:30)
1st mission 1600-1900
Dinner break 1900-1930
2nd mission 2000-2200

Operation Nocturne


PAYMENT: Online payment/registration will be posted shortly.. SplatterPark will accept payment day of event just RSVP below with call sign, side, and team affiliation. $25 for admission + dinner, $35 for admission + dinner + 5000 BBs.

All players will receive free dinner with their paid admission (2 hot dogs, chips, and bottled water). Concession items are available. You are welcome to bring your own soft drinks/snacks/food.

No camping on site check or Mt Gilead State Park for camping within minutes of SplatterPark.


Story: Malgovia is no more. The devious Jonah Scorpio has rendered the tiny island uninhabitable by detonating a doomsday device despite the best efforts of the local Malgovian forces. The political fallout from this disaster was immediately felt across the globe. Elements from around the world are all seizing their opportunity to take advantage of the unrest. The old and powerful drug family - the Veluca's - have decided that the time is right to claim power in Sicily.

Veluca Family Cartel: Green-based camouflage patterns + civilian clothing.

Task Force Rampart: Tan-based camouflage patterns.

DO NOT MIX TAN AND GREEN CLOTHING. No restrictions to gear color.

SAFETY: Full Seal ANSI z87.1 goggles, paintball full facemasks ARE NOT required for events, only for Open Play, mouthpiece is suggested, full facemask is suggested in CQB situations. DEAD RAGS MUST BE CARRIED for daytime. During the night mission, a red glow stick or a red strobe will be used as your dead rag and will be available on site for purchase. All players are required to have a hydration source on the field. ****ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE A TACTICAL LIGHT OR FLASHLIGHT ON THEIR PERSON DUE TO 2-3 HOURS OF NIGHTTIME OPERATIONS****

FPS: OUTDOOR 500 FPS(semi auto only above 400FPS)
CQB: 400FPS semi auto only
Night Mission: Semi auto only for all weapons.

***Must be 18 and older for above 400FPS***
MEDS: 400 and below: 25ft
401-450: 50 feet
451-500: 75 feet

Bang bang and parlay rules will be in effect.

MAG RULES: High caps are allowed, but only up to a max of one per player. Mid/low caps are highly recommended. Drum/box mags are only allowed on support weapons.

Medic Rules: One full revolution around the thigh or arm of a wounded player with masking tape. Player can only be healed once twice by this method. If a player is wounded for a third time that player must immediately return to their HQ for respawn.

Intel: TBA

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 16 RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 20
  • $pades - C.R.O.W.S., $pades, No Guests, Subdued Tigerstripe
  • articxassasin74 - Pretty positive I will be attending with Ticknot, KadBid, and Das Satan Hopefully running an A&K mark43 but if not an ignite m4. Wearing marpat.
  • Ballistic - TF-150
  • crewman - going green this time with my L86 +4
  • Das Satan - Will be in green BDU with Ticknot, Kadbid, and ArticxAssasin74, SlayerA, and Irock73 using a G&G blowback m4 gr15 XL and black rig
  • dem0nhunter - multicam variant, or marpat depending on what the staff say
  • dholst - will try to make it plus 3-5
  • Ender_M - TF-150
  • FCR Havoc - Fcr
  • GeneralSpikey
  • hollowsnake - Osu airsoft, Veluca crime boss, woodland
  • irock73 - ill be there with Das Satan, Ticknot, Kadbid, and ArticxAssasin74 using a veitnam style m16 AMERICAAAAAAAAA FUCK YEAH
  • JoDoBu - C.R.O.W.S., Pigpen, Guests Pending, Subdued Tigerstripe
  • KadBid - Will be there with Ticknot, Das Satan ,SlayerA ,Irock73 ,articxassasin74. Green Haz-Mat suit with my m24 sniper (i was in platoon one with a radio)
  • ohioballer - FCR - Reckless
  • Sky - OSU Airsoft, Host
  • SlayerA - With Das Satan, Ticknot, and Kadbid
  • snapshot - All the way from the great city of Galion! Vietnam Style M16 & possibly a L96 sniper rifle : )
  • Ticknot - will be there, My Father is coming, Green BDU with black vest and black trench coat, rocking a A1 Aug w/Green lazer.
  • zing - TF-150
RSVP'd Not Attending: 4
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