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Operation Braaaaaaains III
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 6985 Egypt Pike. Chillicothe, Oh 45601
Entry Fee: 25
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 350
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 350
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal ANSI rated 87.1.2003 goggles/mask
Magazine restrictions: See rules below



Time Line:
1200-1440 - Registration/chrono open.
1440-1500 - Briefing
1500-1830 - Evening Game
1830-1930 - Dinner
1930-2000 - Briefing/Deployment
2000-2300+ - Night Game

Registration will include the following: (note: price subject to change pending sponsors)
  • Zombie Rag
  • Glow stick
  • Raffle Ticket
  • Ammunition for the day
PLAYER WILL BE EXPECTED TO PROVIDE 2 CANNED FOOD ITEMS. Leftover food will be donated to the Mid-Ohio food bank.
Lunch will be available on site for an additional fee.

Please PM me if you are interested in any of the following:
Sponsorships: We are looking for both traditional and non-traditional sponsors for the event. Please PM me or email me at for more information. Looking for more than just raffle items. Have neat props? Zombie costumes you would like to promote? Let us know!
Role Players: You will still play like a normal person, but your personality will be a strong driving force within the game, and you may be asked to provide on-site ref/conflict resolution duties. Your creativity is your only limitation. Please PM me with questions and ideas.
Dedicated Zombies: You will be asked to be more than just a full-time zombie, but also a zombie leader. You will be responsible for motivating zombie players and coordinating the horde. Do you have what it takes? This is a very physically demanding task. PM me if you think you are up to the task.

Weapon and Ammo Restrictions:
No guns are allowed to shoot over 350fps. Players will be subject to random chrono checks. No guns are allowed to use full-auto. This will be strictly enforced throughout the day. There is no reason whatsoever for a player to use full-auto. If a player is caught using full-auto they will be removed from the field. Magazine restrictions will not be enforced, but no players whatsoever will be allowed to bring their own ammo onto the field. All ammo must be found, bartered for, or otherwise acquired in-game. Players are encouraged to have an effective BB loader. High-quality .2 bb's will be provided and included in your registration costs.
40mm grenade launchers will be allowed, but can only shoot a shower of BB’s. Nerf rockets, slugs, footballs, etc will not be allowed. Players are limited to 1 shell on their person, and once again, all ammo for these weapons must be found on the field. Players will not be allowed to use their own smoke grenades. Approved grenades may be used. Players are only allowed to have two grenades on their person at any given point. An exception to this rule would be those with a 6-shot revolver grenade launcher or something similar (keep in mind that the severe ammo restrictions will render such a weapon almost useless). All players are required to have some sort of sling or holster for their weapon.
There will be a 10 feet M.E.D. enforced. When a zombie gets within 10 feet, only the use of melee weapons will be allowed.

Melee Weapons:
No gun? No problem! Given the game's severe resource deprivation and fps restrictions, we are allowing the use of approved LARP-safe melee weapons. Boffer/foam/latex weapons are allowed. Rubber knives will not be permitted. Wooden/blunted or any other real weapon will not be permitted or you will be immediately expelled from the game. Don't have an airsoft gun that meets our fps requirements? You will be able to participate effectively with just a melee weapon.
Proper Melee Weapons must meet the following guidelines:
  • Your weapon is fully padded such that you cannot feel the core of the weapon.
  • Make sure the length of the weapon is soft and not squished or dented.
  • The thrusting tip of the weapon should be approximately 2” deep, and should be as wide as the rest of
    the weapon.
  • The closed cell foam should be firmly attached to the core of the weapon and should not slide or twist
    when pulled.
  • The open cell foam should not rattle when the weapon is shaken. If it does, the foam is not fitted
    properly on the core.
  • Nowhere on the weapon should the weapon core be visible.
  • No foreign objects should be put into or attached to the weapon core to balance the weapon.
  • All parts of a hilt of any weapon should be made from open or closed cell foam, and should not be sharp
    or hard to the touch.

The New Ohio Federation: Player cap - 35. RSVP as Tan
A thirst for unity amid the chaos has lead to the resurgence of the Ohio Federation. Their hold over the territory is, however, tenuous at best. Their biggest assets are their fortications, organization, and monopoly on resources. They seek the creation of a zombie-free world - at any cost.
The Survivors: No player limit. Individual group size limit - 10. RSVP as Green
Small, unorganized groups of survivors that have managed to live quite a long time. Want to play with your friends? Get grouped together to compete against other survivors and the new government for resources and safe houses.

Uniform Restrictions:
Want an excuse to use your old Daybreak outfit? This is your chance. Dress like a survivor. Be creative. Full RRV/modern military loadouts are discouraged. To quote the restrictions imposed by Out of Box's Daybreak game: “Attire for the event should be something that truly represents the feel of living off the land and surviving with what you can scavenge. Utilitarian garments such as ponchos, gloves, hats of any variety, backpacks, cookware, utensils etc. should be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your kit, not how effective it will make you in combat. There should be NO camouflage.” Some leeway will be give to civilian-style hunting camouflage, but the spirit of this game should be clear to all.
All players must provide their own red rag. Zombie rags and glow sticks (for night time) will be provided at the event. All players are required to have a hydration device. Camelbacks or canteens are encouraged. Players are required to bring a flashlight for after dark. It is recommended that players wear baggy clothes or layers for this event. Not only will it be pretty chili in late October, all players will probably at some point become a zombie and be subject to getting shot at close range.
The New Ohio Federation is permitted to wear full military uniforms of any kind - matching BDU tops and bottoms are highly recommended. No "contractor" uniforms.

Resources and Special Items:
This game will focus on the intense resource deprivation that long-term survivors of the zombie apocalypse would experience. Survivors must collect not just ammunition, but food and fuel as well. The success of each group of survivors will be predicated upon their ability to collect and effectively utilize these resources while avoiding infection. Players are encouraged to trade resources with both each other and on-field merchants.
Select players will be able to deploy “electric fence” (caution tape). Doing so requires you to expend one unit of fuel for every hour the caution tape is up. Zombies cannot pass through electric fences and will be a vital strategy to create (at least temporary) “safe zones” for your buddies. Note: the Super Soldier can pass through electric fences and destroy them with ease. Very rare weapons will be stashed in certain locations on the field that will confer special advantages to its user (details to be provided along with the weapon). Colored smoke may be found/used on the field. Contact with colored smoke acts as an airborne contagion – those who touch the smoke become infected and act as if they have been touched by a zombie.

All persons are required to wear goggles or a paintball mask with a minimum rating of ANSI 87.1 2003. The mask/goggle must have a maximum gap less than 6mm between the frame and the skin. Full paintball masks are REQUIRED for those under 18, but full face protection is strongly encouraged for everyone due to the nature of zombie games. Head shots are very strongly discouraged. Contrary to popular zombie lore, head shots confer no special advantage whatsoever. Players caught intentionally aiming for the head will be expelled from the field.

Night Rules:
All players must bring a flashlight for when it gets dark. At night all players must use a red glow stick (or some other red light) to signal their death instead of a dead rag. All human players must also wear a blue, green, or yellow glow stick at all times. Normal zombies are not required to wear a glow stick. Stunned zombies must put on a red glow stick to signify they are stunned. Players are strongly encouraged not to run and pick their steps carefully. There are natural hazards and falling in the dark will end everyone's fun.

Infection Rules:
A two hand touch by a zombie instantly incapacitates its human victim. It takes 30 seconds for a touched human to turn into a zombie. During this 30 second time neither the zombie nor the touched human may be shot and are essentially invincible. Once turned into a zombie a player must put on their zombie rag (covering their mouth) and sling/holster their weapon so that their hands are free. Players must also turn off their radios or switch to the zombie channel. Wounded players may also become infected. Colored smoke will be used throughout the day. Anyone who comes into contact with colored smoke is treated as if touched by a zombie. Other ways of becoming infected may be announced.

Zombie Rules:
If a zombie is hit two times (either with an airsoft gun or approved melee weapon), he is considered stunned for 60 seconds. For melee weapons, they must be a solid hit, not merely tapping the zombie. ***zombie life limits TBA*** Note: Many shotguns fire three BB’s at once. However, these weapons confer no special advantage. It is up to the zombie to call his own hits, and Tri-shot shotguns make this task very difficult. Two distinct impact events are required to stun a zombie. Zombies are encouraged to communicate with other zombies. Zombies will be allowed to have their own radio channel as well. However, zombies may only make zombie-like noises when around human players (zombies may still communicate using zombie-like noises). All zombies are expected to do everything within their power to attack the humans. If a player is caught not observing the rules and neglecting their duty as a zombie his team will be directly penalized and points will be deducted. Serious laziness/negligence of your zombie duties can get you kicked out. If you don't want to play hard as a zombie then don't bother coming at all. (eg. Not going after any humans and waiting for your teammates to stun you so you can rejoin your team. Purposefully ignoring your own team and going after other teams. Going back to the staging area after becoming a zombie, etc.) Zombies who do particularly well and are noticed for their heroic deeds will be rewarded with extra raffle tickets. Note: zombies are allowed to disengage or relocate if they are being "camped" by human players or are otherwise in a dangerous situation.

Special Zombies:
There will be dedicated role player zombies in play throughout the day. These zombies will be especially hard to kill. On the front and back of each of these zombies will be small metal disks. Only hits on the disks will count. It takes two shots on a disk to stun a special zombie. Stunning a special zombie lasts from one to ten minutes. A direct hit on a special zombie with a 40mm shower grenade counts as an instant kill. A Super Soldier zombie will be in play throughout the day. It requires the use of a rocket launchers to take it down. The Super Soldier also has weapons at its disposal and will be the only player allowed to use full-auto.

Medic and Respawn Rules:
One medic is allowed per dozen players. A two hand touch on a wounded player for 60 seconds is sufficient for the wounded player to rejoin the fight. Medics may not shoot while healing. Medics may not move while healing. Medics must provide their own ID patch/armband. All players are able to “drag” wounded teammates. Players CANNOT run while being dragged. Players are allowed to fire while dragging a teammate provided that the weapon can be safely handled with one hand (ie, pistols).
If a BB hits you on any part of your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes this counts as a hit. Helmet hits, gear hits, etc all count equally. Gun hits do not count. Airsoft is a game of honor. Please call your own hits! Do not call opposing team players out. Immediately after calling themselves out a player must don their red rag (or glow stick if at night) and is considered to be wounded. Wounded players cannot speak except to call for a medic (or moan in pain). Players cannot move once wounded except to clear the area from an obviously dangerous situation. After 5 minutes and a medic (or zombie) has not come the player is considered to be dead. Dead players must disengage 100 yards before entering play. Players are then able to take off their red rags and return to play.

Blind Firing:
YOU ARE NOT allowed to fire at someone if you can't see him. That is what we call blind firing. If you do not have your aim on the opposite player(s), don't shoot.

Safety Kills:
The bang bang rule is when you are close enough to your adversary that shooting him would possibly cause injury. When closer than 10ft and in total control, it is common courtesy to offer a "bang bang" to the player in front of you. If the player ahead can shoot back at you, you are definitely not in full control and "bang bang" can't be used. To be able to offer a "bang bang", your gun must be functional and aimed at the player. A bang bang is mandatory BUT must be given under full and total control of the situation. You offer a bang bang to a player by courtesy instead of shooting from too close while the offered player would have 0.0% of returning fire. No need to say, you can't bang bang on your way into buildings. As stipulated, if you are not in full control and the player in front of you knows that you are coming or expect you to come, you are not in control and shall not bang bang the player.

Vehicle Rules:
Some vehicles will be in use be certain teams throughout the day. Players cannot commandeer vehicles and only designated players are allowed to drive them. Players may only enter and exit a vehicle once it has come to a complete stop. Players may not under any circumstances shoot at the driver, however, players may shoot at passengers. Passengers may shoot out of a moving vehicle. Nobody is allowed within 10 feet of a moving vehicle (this includes zombies). Under no circumstances may players block the roads or otherwise inhibit the movement of a vehicle. A vehicle always has the right of way, no exceptions. It costs fuel to use a vehicle. One unit of fuel will grant a half-hour of drive time.

Player may bring radios. Radio channel scanning or any other kind of “electronic warfare” will not be tolerated. Players must stay on their specific radio frequency that is designated for their team. Channel 1 will be reserved for game administration and field emergencies. Channel 2 will be reserved for the zombies. Zombies are encouraged to use radios to coordinate and share information about human activities. Chanel 3 is reserved for the government faction.

Current Sponsors:

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 23 RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 52
  • 007jtdakillr - I'm in a group of 10. Mason, Connor, and Randy are in it. Lets kill some zombies!
  • AceMedics3527 - Im coming to this one trying to bring my own survivor group anywhere from +5-10
  • Air force
  • augblaster13 - I can make it!!!!!! survior group with idk how many.
  • Bignugly - Anybody got a place I can crash at? Lol? maybe have 2+
  • BioStare - I'd rather be a survivor than NOF. The Brotherhood, Guests TBD.
  • bronzeeye - me +1-2
  • BSRZERO - +10
  • Bushmaster16 - My first Brains event
  • Chic - Really Excited!! Loved BrainsII
  • Connor - I'm in a group of 10 with 007jtdakillr, Mason, and Randy. Let's kill some zombies!
  • Crosshair17 - BGSU-SF +1
  • Cursor - Really want to go. B II was amazing. ~The Brotherhood
  • Deathlane3 - First zombie event pretty excited, trying to bring my own survivor group +5-10
  • Delta 25 - Ready to cause CHAOS, +5
  • DESPAIR - cant wait, bringing me plus 5-6 extras (half a squad)
  • DestroyerNico - Me, reconJb, and 1-2 guests
  • Explosive Airsoft - Tyger and Bulldog will be there
  • fatcat112 - +1
  • First Blood - First ever event at Fallen Warriors. Looking forward to it.
  • Frontiersman - The BSR and some other guys from Findlay will be there. Myself +9
  • ILikeOddCamoColors - Full-time zombie. See you guys there!
  • Jared Angell - well im coming but pretty sure ill have to be a zombie i literally just bought a brand new gun yesterday looked up max fps my gun is at 360-440 :( and im coming with AceMedics3527
  • JMDECC - +1 will be there around dinner break most likely for the night game
  • Kurt77 - Going to try to round up some of the local players and make the 5 hour drive. If they're not interested, I'm coming anyway.
  • lepord - me + 2 or 3
  • Mason - Im in a group with 007jtdakillr along with a few others
  • Matt Topper - Planning on coming. First airsoft event. Might have +2~3
  • MistaOrange - DEFINITELY going to this. +3-4, can't wait.
  • ninja_fish - Braaains 2 was a lot of fun. Hoping this one will be too! :-)
  • nubcakes - + 2-3
  • Philkill17 - Me and maybe 4 others
  • Potato - chronomaster and referee. DONT FUCKING SHOOT ME
  • Randy - Im in a group of 10 with 007jtdakillr and Mason
  • RaptorDan03 - Will be late, but still going
  • reconJb - Im bringing 2 guest
  • redsfan14 - I'm Pumped.
  • RotaryProphet - +5
  • runner3 - First one. + 10 or so
  • Spartan1138 - First Brains event for me, hoping its gonna be a big melee fest! Highly looking forward to it!
  • SPAZ - Lets kill us some zombies +2
  • spetsnazer - +4
  • storm401 - +1 maybe 2
  • superrussel - Brains II was a blast, me +3-6
  • T271 - IL Elite, possibly +2
  • Tr3ncher - This'll be my equivalent of my bachelor party!;) +2-6
  • Tretzy
  • Tucker - with biostare/ whitewolf is with us too~The Brotherhood
  • ultradodger - Coming! Might bring as many as 4 people. Definitelt +1 for sure
  • Vengeance - Sounds fun; going with despair, and i'd like to be a medic if possible
  • Xenyo - Can't wait, 23 hours 57 mins
  • xray - TaskForce BlackEagle should be attending in force for this one.
RSVP'd Not Attending: 13
  • A Man Named Lurch - tentative...... .. .. .. .. .. ...... ...
  • DSTEM - i hope i can make it i heard good things about the last 2
  • marine10108 - Got to work
  • Ozone T20 - change of family plans
  • patrickmorris24
  • rickycurrier - If only overtime didnt exist...
  • Rio - Team issues and school problems.
  • rofbiaof - Wish i could go, need to go celebrate a family member's birthday though
  • Steppes - no longer ale to attend.
  • Stiggy - gonna miss it...
  • Vinvyin - Came up on me too quickly. Hope there is another one soon.
  • ZombieXecutioner - Well I was going to try and come with some friends but then a last minute vacation came up :/// Have fun everyone :)
  • |:Red.October:| - Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.
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