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Sunday Bloody Sunday
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*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: Riverbottom Assault 11613 McCutchenville Pk. Wayne OH 43466
Entry Fee: $20.00-$25
Minimum Age: 13
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 350
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 400
Minimum required safety equipment: Full seal goggles.
Magazine restrictions: Unlimited mid-caps. Limited high-caps

Sunday Bloody Sunday – March 17th 2013


$20 no lunch

$25 with lunch

Time schedule

Field set up for refs and RBA owners 8 am to 8:45am

Chrono- 9am to 10 am

First mission briefing 9:45am to 10am

First scenario 10am to 12:30 pm

Lunch 12:30pm to 1 pm

Second scenario 1 pm to 4 pm

Note: times are still pending for lunch and the length of each scenario. If the games are good we will continue to play if people wish to.


Tan- Multicam, 3 color despat, ACU, Coyote, desert digital ext.

OD- Woodland, Green Marpat ext.

Note: your body must be more than 60% tan or green, legs and torso matter but if you have random colored gear that is fine. If there is an issue please try to wear some kind of hat that is either tan or green as well. No black or contractors at this event. If numbers are strange, we will be using arm bands to separate teams. We also reserve the right to move individuals to the opposite team if they are the only one wearing a random camo pattern and it is needed to balance the numbers/teams.

FPS Limits

0-400 FPS full auto AEG/GBBr

400-450 FPS semi only AEG/GBBr

450-550 FPS GBB snipers

450-600 FPS Bolt action sniper rifles only

Note: please watch your engagement distances, try to follow the 10-15 ft rule for under 400 AEG and keep over 20ft if you are any hotter. Please bring an empty mag to the chorno area so we can give you .20g bbs.

Building engagements

You may use full auto when you are firing from and into buildings but to keep it safe try to limit the number of people firing from any windows to one or two people.

When you are room clearing be cautious of others and use your side arm if you have one or stay on semi only when clearing rooms in the shanty town. In the Western town you may only use semi auto when clearing the ground and upper floors due to tight spaces and the stairs.

Bang-Bang and parley rules will be in effect for the whole day as well. They will be explained at the first mission briefing if you are unaware of them. There will be no “knife kills” and you should not touch another player for any reason unless they ask for help.

Required items

You will need full seal goggles and a red death flag. Water will also needed to be carried when you are on the field as well.

If you are under 18 you will need to wear a full face mask which is the rule of the field. They can be rented for $5 on site.

No guns or gear will be available for rent at this event but there may be a few items such as ammo or gas being sold by Woodville Surplus. If ammo or gas is needed at the event splease contact Woodville Surplus so the items may be brought for you.

Medic system

At this event we will be using a modified version of our previously popular arm rag respawn. There will be one medic per 10 people who will be carrying multiple white hit rag on them. When hit call medic and he or she will tie a rag around your arm singling that you have been hit to everyone. When you are hit a second time you must remove the rag and return to the spawn point. There will be a collection of white hit rags at the spawn locations if a medic runs out of rags. When you are going back to spawn locations please drop off your white rag if you have not found a medic to give it back to. If there are low numbers we will use the old medic rule which will be explained at the first briefing.

Note: please bring your own white rag if you have one from our previous events as well as your red death flag to help prevent being hit after you have called yourself out.

Mag restrictions

There is no limit on the number of mid/ low capacity mags you can carry but you can only have up to 3 high cap mags on you at a single time.

Support weapons may use both box mags and any number of high cap mags.


Big and Heavy- est. time 1-2 hours

The goal of this scenario will be to push the defending team out of their two positions, one along the river and the other in the oil fields. To capture a site an ammo crate will need to be carried to a roped off area where it must be guarded in that area by at least two people for 5 minutes. If everyone is hit in the capture zone, the defending team may pick up the crate and remove it from the capture zone but it must stay right outside of that area so we do not lose the crates. Once both zones have been captured the defending team’s spawn position will be moved back to the Western town where they will have only 1 life (two hits) and the attacking team must push them out and into the woods behind the town. The defending/ attacking teams will be determined at the briefing and will be based on the number of people on tan and OD. All spawn positions will be roped off in a different color and people can use these as “safe zones” to reload and take a break if needed. The attacking team may not push beyond the capture zones and they may not use the western town at any time other than when they are capturing it. The defending teams may only push up to the end of the river trail (at the base of the bridge) and the edge of the shanty town (last house in front of the woods).

Fast and Bloody- est. time 30 minutes-1 hour

Here the two teams will be fighting for the control of the western town from two sides. The Entire site will be in use and quick decisive tactics will be a must to win this one. Teams will move into the western town where two flags will be posted on top of each side. Each flag must be raised to win the scenario and there will be one main spawn area for each team. It is advised that you watch your engagement distances and use semi auto inside the western town to help prevent anger and injury.

Double Sunday…. Est. time 1 hour – 1.5 hours

Depending on the popularity of both “Fast and Bloody” and “Big and Heavy” we will decide at lunch if we want to replay one and switch sides. If neither is wanted a hybrid game will take place where the goal is the capture the shanty town and the teams will be spawning deep in the woods behind the shanty town and behind the western town. Defenders may use full auto when in buildings but please be aware of others and use semi auto if you have to clear rooms or if you are closer than 15 ft. everyone will be a medic in this game and use the white rag system. There will be either one or two neutral flags in the shanty town to capture.

Other information

Radio channels will be figured out on site during the briefing but as always channel 1 is for refs and emergencies only.

If any issues happen on field please notify a ref or the owners of RBA and the issue will be dealt with. If you begin to get upset and angry please take a few minutes to cool off in the staging area and if any action that you do is deemed serious enough, the refs and the owners of RBA reserve the right to remove you form the field for the day for your own and other’s safety.

Right now the weather is looking to hit 38-40 F with a 30% change of snow flurries throughout the day. Please bring the right clothing for a cold day as we will continue to play through the weather. Bring extra socks, gloves, and hats and a few extra layers to make sure you are warm enough. If you get too cold you can always go back to the staging area to warm up in the RBA house.

Bring extra batteries due to the cold weather and any backups you may need as well, remember that bolt action snipers are not affected by the cold, they should always function.

See you on the 17th and be ready for a fast paced day of great airsoft to start the 2013 spring season.


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