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MilPro Presents "Revolution"
Events: Public
03-17-2013 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Event Location: Mercer Airsoft Center
Entry Fee: $20.00
Minimum Age: 15
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 376 .25
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 376 .25
Minimum required safety equipment: Full Seal
Magazine restrictions: 3 high caps

Milsim Productions

In late 2013 (just a few months after President Obama signed an executive bill limiting the types of firearms the American people are allowed to own) three gunmen walked into a Detroit hospital and opened fire on everyone in their path. After a 4 hour standoff with the Police, the gunmen are finally taken down. Uneasiness has been rising in the United States from the recent shooting, and the result is slowly turning in to the economic downfall of the country. The shooting that took place just months earlier is fresh in the memories of many. The protests regarding gun bans in capital leads to five dead. Vice President Biden and his committee on gun control write a new bill that will completely take the fire arms from the American people. States are striving for the right to run their own affairs, some going as far as to call for independence from the Federal Government. The stage is set for an historic conflict.

Rebel militias start to form, calling themselves the "Patriot Army.” The new found separatists are a band of former law enforcement, military, and not-so-common civilians.*

The President decides to put a stop to this. Early in the morning of April 19, 2013, a considerably large group of US National Guard soldiers start their march to Chester, West Virginia. Their orders are to destroy all AR-15s, ammunition, high capacity magazines, and other paraphernalia being stockpiled by the rebels at a militia holdout.

The National Guard approaches the center of the town as dawn rises to find the militia formed up on the main drag. The goal set by the militia is not to engage the troops, but to show their anger toward the President. The Guard officers are defiant towards the militia’s actions, and order them to lay down their arms and disperse. Some do not hear the order and hold their ground. Suddenly a shot rings out, discipline breaks down, and more ricochet throughout the street. When the smoke clears, two militiamen are found shot dead, several more are wounded. Through the rubble, the National Guard trundles onward.

Shortly thereafter, the National Guard enter the heart of the city. A detachment is sent to secure the western entrance to the town, along with the bridge crossing the river into Ohio. The militia had already formed up on the far side of the Bridge, consisting of men not just from Chester, but many nearby towns who had come to defend their homes and lives. Smoke rises from the center of Chester. The militia believes the National Guard are out to burn down the town. The order comes to load their Rifles. The men advance towards the Bridge in fine order to the astonishment of the National Guard. The rebels were advancing on the United States Forces! Retreating off the Bridge, the National Guard form into firing positions. From the center of town, shots are fired. Militiamen fall but they continue their advance. The Second American Revolution begins!

The fighting lands in a small western PA town where the Patriot Army has control of the banks, food, and gun supplies. The US forces move in to take back control and stop the growing militia army.

Tan Team (American Military):Multicam, Tri-Color Desert, ACU, ABU, Tan< Coyote Brown, Desert Digi ext.

Green Team (Patriot Army):Woodland, Black, Tigar Strip, Green MARPAT, OD, ext.

All Standard Murcer Safty rules will apply!

Limit to only 3 high caps per player.

FPS rules are the following
-Riflemen 376fps with a .25
-Support 400fps with a .25
-Sniper 460fps with a .25

Engagement distance is the following:
-Riflemen 10ft
-Support 25ft
-Sniper 100ft

Polar Star Rules are the following:
All Polar Stars will be chronod with the weight of the bb the will be using that day. All Polar Stars will have to chrono at 1.63 Joules of energy.

A Polar Star that shoots at 1.63 Joules no matter the weight of the bb as ong as it is 1.63 equals 376fps with a .25 in an AEG.

Engagement Distant for Polar stars are the following:
-Riflemen 10ft
-Support 25ft
-Sniper 100ft

Any FPS rule breaking or jacking up your PSI after chrono will result in ejection from the game!

Some good things to bring with you.
-Extra Battery
-Extra BBs
-Radios, walkie talkie, some type of communication.
-Dead Rag

Location: Mercer
Event Date: 3/17/2013
Cost: $20.00

Chrono 8:00-10:00am
Game on 10:30am
Lunch 2:30pm
Game on 3:00pm
Endex 7:00pm

This game is sponsored by:
Mercer Airsoft Center
Amped Airsoft
Steel City Airsoft

Raffles will be given out at the end of the day!

Date has changed again! Sorry for the changes and hope everyone will make it out!

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 2 RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 5
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