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Hostile Action Milsim Open I
Events: Public
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Event Location: 4049 Parrot RD NW Strasburg OH 44680
Entry Fee: $15.00
Minimum Age: 15
Maximum FPS (Indoor): 350
Maximum FPS (Outdoor): 400
Minimum required safety equipment: Full Seal ANSI z87.1 Goggles
Magazine restrictions: N/A

Due to lack of interest we decided to move this event From Sept. 25th to Oct. 16th.

Lunch is available to anyone who wants it for an additional Five Dollars including Pizza and soda.

Minimum required safety equipment: Full Seal ANSI z87.1 Goggles. No shooting or safety glasses, no exceptions!

Schedule as follows;
Gates open: 08:30
Safety briefing: 09:30
Game Starts: 10:00
Lunch: 12:00
Afternoon games start: 13:30
Endex: 17:00

- BB projecting grenades are acceptable.
- Flashbangs are permitted.
- M203/M79 type bb projecting grenades are acceptable.
- Cold smoke grenades are currently acceptable.
- Hand or 40mm grenade ricochets count as hits.
- Do NOT pick up other players grenades unless instructed to do so.

- This is an open play so there are no uniform restrictions. If you have tan or green based BDUs it is STRONGLY encouraged that you wear them but not a requirement for this game type. We have ways of marking teams regardless of uniforms, but if you have people you want to play with we advise you make arrangements to wear similar uniforms

- All body armor/vests/protection acceptable.

- No bb limitation in the field.

- No limitation for this event. All LO/MID/HIGH/STANDARD mags are welcome. However we do STRONGLY prefer and recommend mid caps and only one high cap on the field. If you are fielding a support weapon, We would prefer it to be a real support weapon not an assault rifle with a drum mag.

All players must have a dead rag, and an empty mag for chrono.

Also all players must bring plenty of water to carry onto the field. Any type of container is permitted provided you do not leave the container on the field after use.

Please RSVP A.S.A.P so we can plan accordingly. Also let us know what type of soda you would like.

Hostile Action Milsim Open Thread

RSVP'd Tan Based BDU: 7 RSVP'd Green Based BDU: 9 RSVP'd Not Attending: 3
  • cde8 - Thought I was going to be able to make it, sorry.
  • jonahm740 - I am sorry to change guys but my sitter was in a brutal car accident and thus will be unable to mind my wee ones. I will make it out to the next one you hold however, you guys have been great supporting us!
  • LEO369 - +1 : both w/woodland colors No food
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