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My exsperience with I70.

Posted 05-30-2011 at 12:01 PM by Puma22
Where to start? Well about few months ago my friend got this really nice Echo 1 AK, after seeing it fire and messing around in his woods playing airsoft I realized I wanted a gone just as good as his. After searching and searching for a good gone i finally found one I like at a good price, and I came across this site. I was pumped i found out that I could play at bigger games and so I order my gun and some gear so I would be able to compete better.

After looking at events on this site I realized that my gun was shooting to hard (425) so i got a spring to reduce the FPS. Me being new to fixing guns thought it would be easy and tried to do it by watching a you tube video. Needless to say I failed and I realize that was a mistake. So I out that I70 paintball was close and that they could fix my gun so I brought it to them.

I told them what I had done and that I just need it fixed and a spring put in it show it shot 400 and below. I filled out the paper work and went on my way. After about a week I called them to see if it was done. It wasnít so and I wanted to add something to it. I want to have them put a crane stock on and weir it to the back for more battery room. They said that would be no problem and they would give me a call soon with a quote on the price.

After waiting another week I called to check the progress and see if I could get that price, it wasnít done and they said they would get the price and call me back soon. Another week passed and I called again the same thing happened but this time they told me that my gun was the next one to be fixed and would be done by the weekend. So that weekend I went to pick it up, it wasnít done so I had to drive an hour back home and waste a lot of gas.

After a week I called again and talked to the owner, he was very helpful and guaranteed my gun be done by the Sunday at 5pm and even said he would give me a discount for the inconvenience. That Sunday i got the call that it was done I was very happy and said I would be in sometime this week to pick it up. So I went there the next Friday.

When i arrived i told them I was there to pick my gun up, they went back to get it and when they came back I knew something was wrong. They told me it worked but there was a bad contact and that it fires on its own randomly. This could very dangerous and I didnít want to take it home. After trying to fix it for 30min I asked if i could just barrow a gun so I could play while they fixed my gun.

They let me look at their rental guns to see if I could find one to use. After trying 5 guns none of them worked properly or shot to hard. And then I saw it a new gun was sitting in the rentals and I asked if I could take that one. The guy helping me told me it wasnít a rental it was for sell but he said he would see about a trade. When he came back he told me that I could trade my broken gun plus 90 bucks for it. After testing and thinking I accepted and was very pleased.

So after a month of not having a gun 3 2 hours trips to and from I70 I had finally got a gun. Overall the experience was not the greatest. But I am very pleased with how they helped me out and really took a loss on the gun I according to the guy they were taking a big loss by trading for mine.

I just want to say that I70 is a good place and that I will defiantly go back to them for any repairs. I just hope they read and can take something from this. I just want to say that i am in no way trying to bash them and make people hate them. The service was a little slow but they explained that they were very backed up and were in the process of hiring new tech which should make future transactions a lot better.

Thank you I70 paintball for the experience and trade! Now I can get out and play some airsoft!
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