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What a road it has been.

Posted 03-07-2009 at 11:23 PM by Spetsnaz
I was introduced to airsoft in late 2000, early 2001. What was then now seems almost like an eternity. I was twelve, going on thirteen back then!

I originally saw airsoft as something that seemed cool to own, and I never honestly knew about the sport. I played paintball at the time, but not airsoft.

I thought it would be a cool alternative to guns. Since I could not own a real firearm, why not a replica that still shoots stuff? I live on a farm, so it was perfect. I had places to shoot and play about with my new "toy"

It was not until around 2002 that I eventually got my friends into the guns also. We all had springers then. None of us could afford the AEGs on our allowances. We started out much like everyone. We played basic and random backyard games on each other's property for those who lived out in the country. So, with a few of us living out in the middle of no where, we had a variety of "fields" we played at.

Then came 2003. I shifted away from springers and bought my first AEG. TM M16A2. I was awestruck at my new gun, and I quickly began to dominate my friends on the field...most of who all still had springers. I also joined the forum under my original name, HkSniper.

Around 2005 I shifted away from airsoft. Back then, I really had no reasonable means to be transported to games and...honestly most games seemed to either be near Cleveland or Columbus. Somewhere my parents would not want to take me and have to wait until I was done playing and all. I disappeared from the airsoft scene for quite a while. For a while, airsoft seemed to be a thing of my past.

Then came late 2007. On impulse we went to an airsoft store while we were visiting Columbus. It had been years since I had even handled an airsoft gun, despite still owning my TM M16. All my old friends I used to play with were long gone - lost contact or they have different mindsets - no more a desire to play.

I checked out the guns at Airsoft Smith. Myself and two friends. I found myself fondling...I mean...holding and checking out, a Classic Army G36k. I fell in love. I could not believe, upon looking at all these guns, how much an old backyard sport had changed. From purely plastic guns to guns made of metal and real wood. To plastic of high quality. to a huge variety of guns. I ended up taking that G36k home with me that day.

Soon after, my two friends who had come with me also found airsoft guns following them home in the coming weeks.

Since then, we have participated in a several AO events, and we also have gone to Penns. to play in a couple large games.

The song "The times they are a changin' " Comes to mind. In a good way.

I have seen rapidly over the past two years my old random backyard hobby explode into a more organized game. A sport. Now I have several guns and a couple loadouts. I find myself looking to the future of airsoft and honestly seeing bigger and better things.

What a road it has been, from simple beginnings to now complex current. Everything has changed, and most of it feels for the good. The community strives and is great. The sport still as fun as ever. There is nothing like a random Saturday or Sunday to unwind, hang out with people of similar interests, and shoot plastic BBs at one another.

I can't help but to think that I have "caught up" on good times. We always reflect and think "Those were good times..."

But now, for once, I can reflect, and notice. "These...are good times."

It has been a great escape from a chaotic world on the outside. Even if for a mere afternoon.
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    schmikah's Avatar
    nice post, i agree the good times are here, and hopefully ahead.
    Posted 03-08-2009 at 01:48 PM by schmikah schmikah is offline
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    ninja_fish's Avatar
    great blog! I agree that airsoft has come a ridiculously long way from its humble beginnings. I dont think ANYONE saw this evolution coming until it had transformed into the wicked beast it is today. The players, the guns, the gear, the community, and the internet have all been progressing very quickly. So you are right, these are the good times!
    Posted 03-08-2009 at 08:40 PM by ninja_fish ninja_fish is offline

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