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What not to do and what to do for a mech box from my experiences of upgrading, cleaning and repairing my V2 mech box.

What not to do....
1. Never use Q-tips to take off or put on gear grease.
2. Never use cotton balls to clean the mech box, the cotton will get stuck on the pointy/catchy egdes of the gears and mech box.
3. Never force the shell on, it will slide into place if you have everything alined right.
4. Don't loose any parts expecially little parts like shims, bushings, springs, etc.
5. Never have an animal in the same room as you work because hair, fur, feathers will (or can) get into your mech box.
6. Don't over grease your mech box. (Remember, most of the extra grease goes out of your air nozzle which goes into your barrel)

What to do....
1. Always have a good cloth that you can use to take off grease. Make sure the cloth will not tear and leave cloth in your mech box.
2. Always grease the gear's axels and teeth. (After you handle the gears)
3. Always put the grease in with your finger.
4. Grease everything that moves. (To reduce friction- it will be easier on your motor)
5. Clean your mech box monthly or when needed.
6. If you upgrade a part, make sure you reinforce other parts to support your upgrade. (only if the upgrade calls for a reinforcement. Like an M120 spring would need metal bushings, an M130 would need reinforced gears, shell and metal bushings etc.)
7. Put a little screw driver into the spring guide hole and put pressure on it downwards to prevent the spring from flying out and loosing parts.
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