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I started playing airsoft in early 2004 as a new recruit to a team that hadn't hit the scene yet. The name of the team was Blackeagle. I was an active member of the team between 2004 and 2008 and through hard work and dedication rose from the bottom to the top, becoming second in command. Blackeagle has attended most of the major events in the state since 2004 and is known for hosting the Black Aurora series. I was an active and contributing member until 2008, when life took a different turn for me and I left the team. I still hold the team dear to my heart and have the highest respect for milsim philosophy and of course the real military. I am still and always will be Blackeagle. I remain semi-retired.

In this blog I will be posting my own opinions and ideas on milsim topics and philosophy. What I post here is in my own words and is in no way affiliated with Blackeagle. My goal is to help the serious milsim enthusiast through my own personal insights, garnered from four years of participation in the Ohio milsim scene and as part of a serious milsim team.
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Milsim Philosophy - Overview

Posted 03-23-2011 at 02:17 PM by Oscar
Updated 03-28-2011 at 05:55 PM by Oscar (Changed the title.)
This is going to be the first in a series of posts about milsim philosophy.

Let's break the two words down into their components.

Milsim - Is an abbreviation for military simulation. The general definition, as it applies to airsoft, is simulating the real military as close as possible. What is the goal of military simulation airsoft?

Philosophy - The word "philosophy" comes from the Greek word philosophia, which literally means "love of wisdom".

Taken together, the phrase "milsim philosophy" could be interpreted to mean, "The love of the wisdom (knowledge) of military simulation." This sentence accurately describes the way I feel about milsim.

Milsim philosophy isn't just dressing in BDU's and running around shooting at each other.

I take a more personal approach. Milsim philosophy for me encompasses the following:

Training in Knowledge leads to Learning, Growth, Achievement, Awareness and ultimately Mindset. Mindset leads to Honor and Discipline. Discipline leads to Cohesion, Structure and Success. Honor leads to Respect.

Knowing these things, what are you missing from your milsim philosophy?
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  1. Old
    Teddy Bear's Avatar
    The best part IMO, you can always improve in this sport. more training means you are learning and growing, which will give you a higher personal achivement and a better mindset, wich of course leads to the rest of what you have said. We can teach others what we have learned then pass it on and improve ourselves. saying that, I feel soft from going to so many open plays by myself haha, I'm slowly loosing my Milsim attitude.
    Posted 03-25-2011 at 12:08 PM by Teddy Bear Teddy Bear is offline
  2. Old
    Coalminer's Avatar
    Good job man. I'm a milsim player myself and i'm looking forward to your future installments of milsim philosophy.
    Posted 03-25-2011 at 04:40 PM by Coalminer Coalminer is offline
  3. Old
    Red's Avatar
    Dressing up in BDUs, running around, shooting each other.
    Posted 03-30-2011 at 02:41 AM by Red Red is offline

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