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The Depressing Sea of "Unique"

Posted 04-24-2012 at 02:14 AM by Mothman
I look around and I see M4s. On players, I see M4s. On ASGI, I see M4s. On Evike, I see M4s. On this site, I see M4s.... Sooooooooo many M4s. Why? The first answer I usually get is the ability to customize them. Customize everything. Gas blocks, pistol grips, foregrips, forearms, RIS units, peq boxes, stocks, scopes, sights, barrels, flash hiders, suppressors, sling lugs, cup holders, seat warmers, passenger side airbags... EVERYTHING. On paper it sounds ligit. Random Airsoft Player #53927 wants a gun that stands out, looks like a one of a kind machine. Sadly this is no longer the case. In the quest for a unique gun it seems 90% of airsofters have doubled the weight of their "M4" by adding a commercial stock, commercial CCO of some sort, commercial RIS, commercial grip, a new mean "agressive" looking flash hider, a useless shoot-me light, a foregrip, and maybe some useless flip up sights. The problem is I just described 90% of you. Not very unique now is it. It really doesn't matter what brand, color, or how many cup holders. They all blur together. When every Spec Ops wannabe douche carries one with his skate board helmet covered in velcro an IR reflectors (presumably so the short bus doesnt run you over?) and fake beacons and cameras it all looks the same. You all look like COD ninja kids. In my 3 years of service I have not once seen a gun or a person look like that. But I digress, this is about the guns, the gear will have to wait for another blog.

Now on to the next issue.... these things drive the market now. Every year I see the "new products" exponentially fill up with stuff that isnt that new to me. You dont even have to build this things anymore. Now all you have to do is troll your way through the terrible interface on ASGI until you find the douchiest M4 possible... with just enough magpul or daniel defense to make you the most unique m***** f***** shooting plastic at kids in some old guys back yard. All the diversity it seems has moved over for the tacticool garbage. I miss seeing rare and different guns at games, The AUGs, L85s, the FAMAS... now all gone. Out of production and out of stock to make room for the "unique". Even the "different" guns still look the same now. I see a growing percentage of AKs with commercial m4 crap and RIS on them. The Masada? from across the field that looks like an M4, sorry, go back to COD. The XCR? sorry dude, that IS an M4. Nothing grabs my interest anymore... and it makes me sad. I know none of you like to admit it but this sport is half fashion show, and sorry, but that guy with the properly set up Alice rig will turn my head faster than the tacticool clown will.

To you guys, I issue a challenge: Build something unique. I dont meant conveniently bolt 20 pounds of crap onto your rails. Dont let modularity do the work for you. Make something that will impress even me. Turn some heads for once. Most importanly, distract all those 12 year olds from wanting to touch my 240, or as they call it, my "sweet saw".
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    Regan's Avatar

    Did I leave that there?
    Posted 05-02-2012 at 08:11 AM by Regan Regan is offline
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    WhiteOut's Avatar
    Too bad it's crapping up on you..........
    Posted 05-02-2012 at 04:28 PM by WhiteOut WhiteOut is offline
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    Panda's Avatar
    Non-conformists wanting everyone to conform to them.
    This. So hard. Meet my signature.
    Posted 05-02-2012 at 07:02 PM by Panda Panda is offline
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    BIRDSTRIKE's Avatar
    Look at it this way, all airsoft guns shoot round plastic pellets out of smooth bore barrels. Almost all bb's are 6mm so its not like using an AK vs an AR makes any real difference realistically with the ballistics. Unlike the real steal world arguments over "lethality" and "knock down power" are not even possible. A bb from my G36C will count as a hit just as much as a bb from some bloke running a replica Barrett, even if that Barrett uses the rare and frankly kinda silly 8mm bbs.

    Sure you could use heavier bbs. Things like barrel length and hopup units make a difference in range and such. But those things are driven largely by internals. This argument is about externals, the parts of the gun that have little if any bearing on how well it slings plastic.

    Even if you look at internals the airsoft versions of vastly different firearms essentially work the exact same. They may not use the same version gearbox, but ultimately its a motor that pulls back a spring. There is no open bolt vs closed bolt, or piston vs direct impingement debate. Its all the same 30+ year old technology "stolen" from TM.

    To me an AEG is an AEG is an AEG. The model firearm it is based on makes very little difference in how it works. Upgrade internal parts are available for just about every make and model, even if they are not uniform in price and distribution.

    Use what ever suits your fancy and budget and let everyone else do the same. This my gun/loadout is more "unique than yours" debate is as bad as the PTW and EI fanboyism of a few years back.
    Posted 05-04-2012 at 08:54 PM by BIRDSTRIKE BIRDSTRIKE is offline
    Updated 05-04-2012 at 08:56 PM by BIRDSTRIKE
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    Italian's Avatar
    I just use my Penis.

    Scariest gun out there; makes all the kiddies scream for their mommies.

    Guess what though? When they get to their mommies, I'm there coxing them. What now kids?

    Guess what again? Its SILENT. The actual silent, too. None of this movie whisp ****, or the sound of a slide or bolt. Perfect for sneaking up from behind.

    It gives me a virtual forcefield of protection, too. No man risks shooting another's penis. They just stand there, giving me time to aim for a head shot.

    Oh, what about upgrades? Well sons, they make pill for that. No work or anything there.

    Oh, no mag compatibility? ***** I make my own ammo, what now?

    Too unique? I call it mother ****ing brilliant.
    Posted 05-04-2012 at 09:58 PM by Italian Italian is offline
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    Panda's Avatar
    I use a straw with a foregrip and EO Tech. Am I unique now?
    Posted 05-05-2012 at 07:32 AM by Panda Panda is offline
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    Falcon's Avatar
    And the comments have passed beyond the realm of stupid as ****...
    Posted 05-05-2012 at 01:14 PM by Falcon Falcon is offline
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    I face palmed myself...twice
    Posted 05-05-2012 at 03:28 PM by IRONMAN IRONMAN is offline
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    i use what works for me and thats all that i honestly give two sh*ts about. I give props to the guys who throw together impressions (especially the foreign kits, major props to berk and spets), but never really wanted to be "unique" with my gun or my M4 as a whole.

    my .6 roubles
    Posted 05-05-2012 at 05:40 PM by Warpig07 Warpig07 is offline
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    WhiteOut's Avatar
    Berk, just look at Vladamir in your picture...
    Posted 05-05-2012 at 10:52 PM by WhiteOut WhiteOut is offline
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    IRONMAN's Avatar
    I know...exactly lol. "Putin does not approve."
    Posted 05-05-2012 at 10:56 PM by IRONMAN IRONMAN is offline
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    OverLord's Avatar
    Ive had in my posession, an AK, a TM G36, and a M60 within the past 3 months. I got rid of them all.

    Anyone who has posted people buy what works, who cares, and the non conformists quote is dead on. I have 3 M4/m16's and love them all. Why do i have 3, each have their own role and call for different missions and objectives.

    Now, you can try to call me a stereotypical M4 fan however, keep in mind, I also have a Scar-L which I love, a Magpul FPG (maybe 2-3 of those on AO, which I use) and a new Mk46, again not many in ohio.

    I keep what works and trade off what doesnt, its all about prefrence and finding something thats just how you like it. For me, if its unique, I better be able to find a good use for it, or be able to make it work with my kit. I did with the scar and FPG.

    Dont hate on anyone because of what they chose. Next event, I might just show up with a clear spring powered Mp5, dont see too many of those at big boy games.
    Posted 05-07-2012 at 11:53 AM by OverLord OverLord is offline
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    MGD's Avatar
    I am a G36 user my self but let me start out defending the AR platform. People are right to buy the ARs for all the parts and gear made for them, and also because when you hold one its like shaking hands with a really good friend. It is so familiar to when you use it, even though I don't own when I have picked my friends up in the field I have never had to think how to use it I just do.

    Next I disagree that there are people running out there with M4s because they think its cool like COD. What I believe they think is cool in the futury stuff like Scars, Masadas, and most thinks with MagPul gear. They want what looks like COD and futurism.

    On to being Unique; I run an Ares G36, not the all popular C, or common K the straight up 36; with bipod so I can do MG36 (Even Rarer). When I really got into airsoft a couple of years ago I got a G36 because even though they where popular the group that had them was still small enough to make them unique but big enough to have extras for the guns. Lately though I think people have flocked to them to get away from the AR popularity and in return making them un Unique (look at the photos for guns in theses comments case and point), how ever since I still like them I went for the one most people don't. Now if you are in on the AR platform and want to stay there, you can do a couple things to make your self Unique. 1. go for an M16 because most people go M4 and 2 even if you stay on the M4 use the most stock furniture to the weapon as possible. No railed hand guards, MagPul Grips, Crane stocks, or ACOGs. If you want a V grip then get a normal one with a rail add on for the fore guard and if you want a red dot sight of some short go for the old normal tube red dot scopes.

    Gun Popularity lists (based on what I see on the field and video)

    Popular Guns List (May be more than one unlisted per number)
    1. M4 platform
    1911 pistol
    2. G36c
    M9 Pistol
    3. Scars
    Sig 226
    4. M249s

    Most Unique
    1. FAL
    Macarove Pistol
    2. M240 Bravo
    3. WA 2000
    4. FN2000
    5. G3
    6. UMP

    Middle Sitters
    1. M16
    2. G36
    3. P90
    4. USP series
    5. Shot Guns
    6. L85
    Styer AUG

    I have on last thing to say
    If you want something that is truly Unique, its you. The people are truly unique in this sport for that every one is different. Now on load outs what I think makes peoples gear and weapons really unique; do a lot of looking to find what youb truly want. Yes you can start with whats on a video game but don't copy it, modify it to what you want. Some of the most unique players in my opinion are the ones that still buy stuff that makes them look good but truly get what works really well for them and thats it. Those are the unique players. The Beard is perfect example... I think
    Posted 05-08-2012 at 10:58 AM by MGD MGD is offline
    Updated 05-08-2012 at 11:23 AM by MGD

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