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Panda's Guide to Being a "Frontline Medic"

Posted 11-24-2011 at 09:49 PM by Panda
Updated 11-08-2012 at 06:56 PM by Panda

Anywho, onto the info!!

Experience: 9 events (4 milsims, 5 open plays) as a frontline medic.

Why: Some people want to be a medic, but not want to be confined to being what I call a "field hospital medic." If you wish to be a "frontline medic", that is, one who is up on the front lines healing casualties as they go down, then you won't want to go in blind. Here's how I prepare and get out and do my job.

Preparation: Try to stay light. A fully loaded IOTV may restrict mobility. Of course, if you are strong enough to run around in that then by all means, it's your money. I personally run a lightly loaded Weesatch (By that I mean I don't have pouches everywhere. Just an admin and a hydro bladder) with 8+1 magazines and a smoke grenade or 2. My belt kit is a dump pouch, small utility pouch, and a holster. I am pretty mobile in this. Cardio is definitely important if you want to be effective, because you will be called everywhere across the battlefield. This is also why I carry smokes, because it makes the job a helluva lot easier when they can't see you. Also, invest in a method of telling time, such as a wrist watch or stop watch. You'll want this. Your gun should allow you a decent amount of maneuverability. An M60 is not good for sprinting around. I personally use an M4 CQBR, but that's just me.

Execution: Do your job!!! Your job is heal people as soon as they go down. Someone shooting is much better than someone sitting around dead, so your job is to fix that. You will need to be fast, coordinate with your team, and get to that casualty before he bleeds out. Have your team provide covering fire while you run to the casualty. Do your medic magic and get him back up and firing. Wash, rinse, repeat. Don't put your life in overly dangerous situations. Example: Guy is down behind a sapling 50 feet from enemy positions. In this case, no one will get out alive, so your best bet is to leave him until he is accessable or bleeds out. Sucks, but he shouldn't have died out there like that!!

-Although I never use all 8 spare magazines, sometimes my teammates need them, so that's why I carry 8. Buddy mags are win because they keep people busy firing when their mags are out.
-Speaking of carrying ammo, you still have to use it. 'Nuff said.
-No matter what Bad Company 2 tells you, you PROBABLY shouldn't haul around an M60 and a gratuitously large backpack full of combat gear you won't use at an open play. Try to be light.
-Try not to die, this may go unsaid, but seriously, you are the lifeline of the team. Without you, everyone gets wiped out eventually, unless your team is some Delta Force win, but you most likely aren't . Don't die.
-Speaking of teams, don't be antisocial. You WILL need to talk to your team to coordinate cover fire, and being a silent medic gets you no where. Talk, make friends, kill people, heal people.
-If you don't feel safe or are denied permission to get a casualty, find someone who can. Make sure to cover the cannon fodder who goes and gets him, he'd do it for you. Once they both hightail it to you, highfive the bro that got him and heal the mofo that died. (Bro-tip brought to you by D-Boy)
-Be in a good shape. You will get called a lot, and if you can't run, you might as well rip that patch off your shoulder and give it to someone who could implement it well.
-Don't give up!! No fear, get those guys back in the fight!!

that's all for now!!
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  1. Old
    Titann's Avatar
    May also want to invest in a sling that has a type of quick detach, like a buckle or a qd swivel, as well as a gun that is identified clearly as yours. That way, you can ditch it if need be to get through some harry situations.
    Posted 12-11-2011 at 12:47 PM by Titann Titann is offline
  2. Old
    SCARface12's Avatar
    this is very very helpful even though im not a medic i showed to my friend who is. he also thought it was very helpful nice job
    Posted 12-12-2011 at 05:55 PM by SCARface12 SCARface12 is offline
  3. Old
    Panda's Avatar
    ^This makes it totally worth writing!! Thanks!!!
    Posted 12-12-2011 at 06:44 PM by Panda Panda is offline
  4. Old
    D-Boy's Avatar
    Titann, you never leave your weapon PERIOD.

    Panda, which I like the enthusiasm, MOST games have rules allowing anyone to move the injured, so that is why its smarter to hang back. Just like in all the movies, if you get hit, who is going to patch up you? Honestly, being a medic is simple, there are tricks like carrying an extra loader to help reload rifleman's mags etc. But regardless, a healthy dose of discretion and situational awareness. It would also help that you are in shape, it doesn't matter if you are only wearing a hydration pack, if you are slow and a fat body, you are a drag on the squad. Learn to manipulate your weapon with one hand while dragging back wounded so you can let go of the dead to engage a target. Before you just dart out to grab someone, you need to assess the situation and talk to your squad leaders. They will probably be the more senior gents and will direct you to when its secure enough. Most of what you got there is pretty much common sense, an uncommon virtue in this world.
    Posted 12-14-2011 at 06:16 PM by D-Boy D-Boy is offline
  5. Old
    Panda's Avatar
    I better put that thing about allowing teammates to bring casualties to you in there, I'm not exactly sure I covered that, but I do have teammates retrieve friendlies for me.

    Congrats D-Boy, you inspired a new bro-tip!!
    Posted 12-14-2011 at 08:31 PM by Panda Panda is offline
  6. Old
    Cassius's Avatar
    Was just about to make a blog about being a medic,til I saw this. Could not have said it better myself! You got it all covered,nice job!
    Posted 02-10-2012 at 04:52 PM by Cassius Cassius is offline

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