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OPPV: A Marathon of Airsoft

Posted 07-05-2011 at 02:53 AM by Seagull
Okay, so I got back from Operation Pine plains 5 held at Fort Drum NY. Never actually saw the base itself, just the MOUT facility. So I'll try to describe some of what happened, starting with our arrival at the facility and go through what all I can remember. I'm writing this at 3am, as my sleep schedule is f***ed hard from this game.

We left Kent Ohio at about 11 hundred Friday, linked up with the rest of the Juggernauts at about 14 hundred, and drove on to Ft. Drum. We arrived at the back gate to the facility at 20 hundred, which was literally just a chain link fence left open... this troubled me, because as a Navy MA, an open gate with no guards or cameras posted on it is bad news... that aside, the ride to the MOUT took roughly half an hour. By 2100 hours we had the tent set up and decided it was time to tour the facility.

We were... flattened to say the least. The facility is so detailed, and so expansive, it kept us interested and going throughout the game. We discovered a whole sewer system under the city complex, multiple hidey holes, the spring loaded doors which could be kicked in with full force. This was and shall probably be one of the most epic fields I've ever played airsoft on.

However, my MA Navy training started screaming when I was touring the area. It's a tactical nightmare. Death loomed round every corner... and I my instincts were right. As the team's medic, I tied so many bandages during the game it's impossible to count. I know for a fact that I healed more folks than I had kills that's for certain.

Now the next day, awakened at 0730 sharp, eating a light breakfast, and we got a saftey brief... or lack thereof. NY seems to be lax on Eye protection. Lots of people wearing shooting glasses, and yet, much like europe, not a single eye related injury during the game. So I could forgive that... but there was no mercy kill rule, it was OK to shoot someone point blank with my C02 Desert Eagle... and turns out I did... I shot a guy three times in the face with it from about 7 feet away.

Despite these small issues, the game was great. I was well protected, with a new helmet and metal mesh face mask. I was shot in the chest, and the welts popped and bled all over my new Multicam Combat shirt, but I hadn't been wearing my combat rig so it was my own fault in some ways.

I purchased a Thunder B C02 Bang Grenade, which saw some action. Those suckers are loud, and allot of fun.

Had some issues with my Type 97... well one only really, my battery died in the first 20 minutes of the game, and I had to change to the spare leaving my time chomping at the bit to get rolling. Only took 5-6 minutes though and I was good to go.

No other real issues. Other than the Skeeters which were thick as thieves that night. They big through my BDU pants for god's sake. Vicious bastards all of them. I'm prolly gonna die of West Nile Virus next week, just warnin' ya.

The game was taxing on every level. On the drive to the hotel after the game I could still hear the Call to Prayer chants on the loud speakers that played all day. I had nightmares, it messed my system up bad...

No regrets. Great game, and I'd do it all again.

On an unrelated note, DO NOT SEE Transformers 3. Despite what some say, that movie is the WORST one yet. WORST ONE. Waste of time, money, and CGI.

We'll have the helmet cam footage from OPPV up soon on the team's Youtube Channel. It'll be a gas.

Deuces! Oh Yeah!!!
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