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06-15-2003, 10:12 PM
This month's tactical assingment for valley branch retreat and their airsoft feilds wasnt very good. it was raining the day before which made for really muddy conditions. i accompanied two other airsofters from ohio(Inferno and Slaya360) when we were ready to play on saturday they had no one in their pro shop and when the guy finally showed up he told us that there werent any guns to rent. we ended up playing paintball which wasnt too fun but its better than nothing. the feilds were set up nicely lots of cover and props to use.

in between paintball matches i was talking to a ref who said that the last TA that they set up no airsofter came out for and that we as airsofters are too hard to please. so far it kinda sounds like they dont like airsoft much. i would really like to see a large turn out at one of their events they have really nice combat zones and if we could get more people there it would be fun. i think i have covered all that i need so have a nice day.


06-15-2003, 10:35 PM
One thing that I would like to clarify is that they did have one airsoft gun to rent out, but it didn't they didn't have a charged battery. Not only that, but we also reserved 3 guns over the phone a week before.

So it seemed that there was very poor management, however they were plenty polite to us. Such as we got in for $5 instead of $20, got free paintball gun rentals, and we were allowed to buy pb's at membership price. So we had as much fun as we could while paintballing, but it still wasn't airsoft.

06-16-2003, 11:09 AM
Another thing to add to Dante's post, when the ref was talking about the airsofters not showing last month, he was specifically talking about AO members. Apparently there were a lot of AO members that registered for last month's event, and most didn't show. He said the ones that did show couldn't be pleased and complained about everything. I heard this from the guy running the pro shop and the ref. It sounded like they weren't too hip on hosting more airsoft events because of this. Now I'm not trying to point fingers or anything, I'm just conveying the message. Let's try to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

06-16-2003, 11:56 AM
Well who organized the event? This isn't Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come"...

It takes work and dedication to make airsoft events sucessful, you can't just post your event and expect people to come. You need to proactively seek out team leaders and personally invite them, get their commitments to bring their teams.

If the field was just looking for an easy source of income with little effort, then I am not suprised that this happened. The AO event organizers work very hard to plan and make sucessful events, just for the gratification that comes with knowing you made an enjoyable time for everyone.

06-16-2003, 12:00 PM
Well, it might be time to talk about this field a little bit.

First of, All organizers should expect an attendance lower than shown on the website. This is not paintball that you have lot of walk-in players. Airsoft is mostly organized through the internet and with the experience I got through the years, I can easily say that for games not really known or for new field, the ratio is about 60%.

So if they were expecting 10 guys, getting 6 was already very good. The other thing you usually see in those situation is if there is not a lot of people interested, some of those already registered will tend to quit and not telling people.

The problem Chris has right now with his field is when we organized the first game over there (Operation White Thunder, 2002), everything was planned to be an airsoft event. There was forums about how it would be run and stuff like that. Perhaps, as soon as we entered the field, we quickly realized that none of what we planned would be used...or pretty much modified. So it turned out that Chris modified everything the way he wanted, being mostly Paintball missions and attitude. At that point, lot of AO organizers got burned and just quit.

Don't get me wrong, the field is nice and I got a lot of fun that weekend....but it could have been better.

Now if Chris want to get more players, he will have to listen airsoft players. TAC event might sounds fun but lot of players just want to play and have fun.

This is just my opinion though. That field has a big potential but it seems it can't meet airsoft expectations. Too bad for the owner, we could have real blast down there...

06-22-2003, 09:55 PM
Yes Blade, for the reasons cited by Blade most people that went to WT (White Thunder) have some real issues with leadership of the owner, actual intelegence of their staff, terrain (I Beleive Hardlock tore his ACL there), and several others. I understand it is tough to ref in airsoft but they could've tried harder. Also regardless of what they say on their site PBV doesn't rent out guns the only people I know that rent out guns would be the good people at www.combatdepot.com (The best stateside retailer). Their theme is more towards paintball than anything I've played the feild 3 times had a blast each time, but after WT we gave PBV a break. Chris also said soemthing a wile back about having Military personel there to aid in training, however, Iraq happened again need I say more? Another thing is that PBV is expensive for the short time the TAC is there (I beleive 3 hours for $20 or something along those lines [I could be wrong on that price and time]). It's a great field once dry, and once the leadership wises up.