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02-20-2005, 01:48 AM
Well hopefully you guys will find this helpful. I said that I would report after the game in hopes of spurring ideas and sharing what worked and what didn't. Well here goes.....

Overall Situation:
The OP was set with two teams, third team didn't show. The mission was for Alpha for sake of argument, to recon the Tango's of Bravo and record their activities. Then if given the appropriate conditions they were to neutralize the tangos. The intel they were given was that the Tangos had taken an area near a river with the hopes of distributing a chemical agent (black coffee can with an egg timer on it) into the stream and in turn destroying the water supply and killing the people downriver.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Alpha (good guys):
Unlimited time, digital camera, binoculars, pen and paper, 1 regen.
Unknown location of target, limited ammo (200 rounds), unknown, amount of tangos(will explain shortly), no map, and unknown location of the hidden base nearby, ROE (cannot fire until fired upon)

Advantages/Disadvantages of Bravo (bad guys)
Unlimited ammo, superior firepower (203's, grenades) unlimited regens, patience, highly defendable terrain, could fire at anything, high ground.

Initial setup:
Terrorists had clearly defined names. Mine was Gunthar and my bb buddy was Fritz. Other names varied along a German theme. Conversation was to happen within Bravo's unit dropping intel toward Alpha. The Chemical Agent (CA) was set just on Bravo's side of a pretty large creek on a bridge in clear and plain view from all directions. Disarming the CA would be simulated by touching the object. Bravo had to have patrols set with a clear pattern they had to follow.

Vegitation was very sparse (being winter) so the approach to the target area was not easy for Alpha. They took a straight on approach (very run and gun like) but in a much slower pace which proved pretty well in allowing them to approach the bank of the creek pretty well concealed. Using the binoculars they were given, they were able to pick up the pattern of Bravo pretty easy. The pattern was Bravo would walk up to the creekbed on their side, scan the line and move on at their own discretion to the next spot where they would do the same thing. Spots were predeterimind.

After finding out the pattern Alpha approached using the movement of Bravo to conceal their approach allowing them to get close enough to take pictures of all of Bravo and the CA. All communication was done by Alpha using hand signals which turned out pretty impressive. About 2 hours into the game, they were able to pick up on some of the names of the players and at debrief were able to match names with faces. About that time one Alpha got caught in the open and Bravo started yelling in German (or whatever sounded like german to us) telling the person in the woods to approach. Alpha was good and did not fire until Bravo got tired and tried shooting at the Alpha out in the open. While one fired the other Bravo, Fritz, went to call for backup. Upon seeing this, Alpha retreated, regrouped and approached from a different direction.

While Bravo beefed up security, Alpha setup a nice kill box taking out one Bravo in the process. With the beefed up security Bravo clearly took control of the situation and eliminated half of Alpha. With half of Alpha going back to regen, Bravo got the command to activate the CA. This meant that one of Bravo had to go out on the bridge and simulate activating the timer. The timer was set for 15 minutes. Alpha had 15 minutes now to disarm the CA. It was noted by Alpha with some good ears while taking fire of the situation and relayed it to the other Alpha members of the time limit.

Now here is where Alpha screwed up. Bravo had to retreat back to the base because there were only so many players allowed out of the hidden base in alarm mode for a long period of time. This in turn removed all of Bravo for about 15 minutes from the playing field. Alpha capitalized on this by splitting their forces and gaining access to half their force on Bravo's side of the creek. This was great because the sun was right in the eyes of Bravo giving Alpha a huge advantage of being able to see further. Where Alpha screwed up was neither side knew where the other was. NO COMMUNICATION between Alpha players.

When Bravo was allowed back on the field (out of the base) the Alpha players on their side of the bank were noted and recorded. Bravo eliminated the team of Alpha on the other side of the bank quickly and then took out the remaining players on Alpha on their side of the creek in no time flat. While that was going on, the eggtimer went off signaling the end of the game. Bravo didn't win, they just completed their objectives. In essence so did Alpha.

Let me say this, our games aren't win or lose, its learning from the mistakes and having fun trying to not let Mr. Murphy into the game for next time. The game lasted about 5 hours with most of Alpha on empty when it came to bb's. They were sharing mags thats how low they got.

Some things we tried implementing and their results:
Ammo restrictions for Alpha - No problems by players, more selective about their shots, and had a blast tossing each other mags in a fight. They also liked changing mags after 30 rounds for M16's,19 rounds for MP5, and 39 rounds for AK's. They expressed a huge impact in the pucker factor when you are getting shot at and lying on the mud just to change your mag.

Recon - The players enjoyed having to use their equipment as a tool to get the job done. I was told to get pictures that they player low crawled/slid in the mud over 50 yards to get to his position. Adding the audible experience seemed to add to all the players mood. Even though we didn't know German, for those of us trying to speak it was interesting, and those listening for intel caught a lot of it. Binoculars were used to get name tapes of players and armament. Digital camera took pictures and was used to identify # of Bravo giving Alpha an accurate headcount. The camera also allowed for all Alpha members to identify the CA and where its location. Best part ------ the audio. The Bravo team speaking German (gibberish) hightend the experience. Lots of comments about the audio.

No time limit - Some liked it and some didn't. Some wanted to go to lunch and forget the OP so they complained about not eating. Other teammates responses were to deal with it. Some loved the no time limit. It allowed for specifically Alpha to allow Bravo to get tired and lazy. If you remember this allowed them to identify patterns and move when we (Bravo) moved concealing their movement in our own.

Hidden base and penalization for having lots of players active - Great comments on both sides concerning that. It was difficult to manage a rotation while on patrol being Bravo and it threw Alpha off when it came to IDing the number of bad guys. It also allowed for a huge window for Alpha to help complete their objective. Had they had better communication they would have taken the CA, disarmed it and wiped the floor with Bravo.

No use of radios - good and bad on this one. Teams wanted to use radio's for practice. It was interesting to see the different players trying to communicate with hand signals not knowing what the other said. Suggestion, when in a team with different players, go over hand signals. It might have helped Alpha coordinate their attack. Some liked the idea and those were the ones who had a SOP for their hand signals. Mixed reviews of this one.

Last but not least, real loadouts and mag changes - Most loved it. It took some a while getting used to counting rounds and paying attention especially in a firefight. Once that was learned though, all positive reinforcement from the players on getting low to change mags and using teamwork to coordinate fire and mag changes.

People liked the OP and had very good things to say about it. Simple yet effective. Communication seemed to be the problem today. Otherwise, people enjoyed themselves, I got a lot of compliments in making the game a little more indepth. I think the acting of the people made it worthwhile. (like arming the bomb) The biggest compliment was the one sidedness of the OP yet the freedom to do what they chose. I say this meaning, the OP was geared toward Alpha. Everything done by Bravo was to help Alpha get into the game. To make them forget about the real world and only concentrate on the task at hand. But in doing this, it allowed Bravo to act some things out and attack when it was time. They could fight anyway they seen fit. That balance of freedom and role playing seemed to work out well today. If that freedom wasn't the No. 1 compliment I got it was about the audio. The screaming Germans and our totally American accents were not only hilarious but help Alpha perceive us as bad guys.

Hopefully this will help you guys who want more 'milsim' games. Feel free to comment about it or ask questions. Anything to help the game.