View Full Version : Powerball in korea

11-19-2004, 08:30 AM
Last time i went to korea, hmmm around 2002, we had some fun playing powerball in a field in Namhae. The population of soldiers was around 50-60 and we had some mad fun! We attacked in groups, mortered enemies with ballista's and water balloons. We used grenades and AT4 anti tank weapons against bunkers and foxholes. :) I'm setting up another event down in Virginia, around half an hour away from DC. If anyone wants to come down, its a 3 day WINTER event held sometime in december/january. All teams are welcome and the FPS limit is 300 for AEGS, and 450 for sniper rifles. We allow high capacity magazines (not usually) but each person is limited to one and cannot carry more magazines if you do carry a high cap. For midcaps, the restrictions are 4 mags each (all players can carry extra ammo and speed loaders) For people carrying low caps, they can carry 8 mags. Email me at Yajabroni88@aol.com for details,