View Full Version : Operation Northern Wind: Comments

J Teezy
09-05-2004, 07:54 PM
Well, OPNW was a great time. With Echo being outnumbered at times by one whole squad and at other times even more, We pulled it off. Out of the 4 games that counted, Echo won over Fox with a score of 3 to 1. Good job boys

The Scenario of Sundays game was to capture the other teams CO. Now, Foxtrot's CO was MSG Mullen. He has never been captured in any events. Our CO was Col Longrear. Needless to say, ECHO but a stop to MSG Mullens perfect record. We killed and captured MSG. Also i would like to say to Echo Squad 3, what a great job we did holding Foxtrot off from getting Longrear. We mowed down Foxtrot from the high ground anytime they got close. Dutch, thanks for helping me out on my backside that one time! STRIKERS, good job on the push from the back at the end. Foxtrot didnt know what hit them.

MacDaddy and Bill Mathis (21st Century, aka Iceman), you guys were great Squad leaders for Echo 3rd Squad. I had a great time playing under your command. For 3rd Squad being a bunch of random guys (no team affiliation), we did an awesome job, especially in Sundays event.

Lastly, it was great getting to put some faces to names. Grunt, P90Killer, MacDaddy, all the Strikers i got to talk to (Boomstick, sorry about the steak but you left to early on friday night
:D ), Spook and the guys of SOG (when you going to give me one of those claymores? , and the guys from Michigan (Bill, Nite Valley, James, Dutch, and sorry i forgot you name, but the guy who was playing medic for us on 3rd Squad, you were awesome). I hope to get to play with you guys again sometime.

In closing