View Full Version : TAPSS at ASJ in Illinois

02-27-2007, 04:23 PM
Here are the final scores from this last weekend's TAPSS event:

http://www.airsoftspecialists.com/articles...lts/results.htm (http://www.airsoftspecialists.com/articles/TAPSS/results/results.htm)

This was the first TAPSS event since the beginning that I have been able to spend ALMOST... all my time thinking only about my own competition runs, and trying to better myself. (The first where I wasn't running on my own, doing all the work)

I started out rocky.. In the first prelim I was trying to hard to rush through the course. Causing me to miss the target entirely way too often. I ran the course in about 19 seconds, but it caused me to be terribly inaccurate.

In my 2nd prelim I started trying to take things more slow and precise (about 23 seconds) but I had an unexpected miss on a target and that was enough to keep my score well below acceptable.

By my 3rd preliminary round I had it all straightened out. I picked up a second on my time (about 22 seconds) and had all my shots in the black or red. It won me a spot in the 1st Bracket final.

In the final I choked... keeping me at 4th place. Nothing else need be said.