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  1. Which AEG is best?
  2. Use the Search Function is not the answer
  3. I'm bored, i'll make a battery aricle...
  4. Forum Etiquette and Tips For Newbies
  5. Honor and Integrity Primer
  6. AEG Mini-Guide, Prices, Gearbox Information, etc.
  7. difference between clips and mags
  8. Generally Accepted: Bad Ideas in Airsoft
  9. What gun should I get?
  10. Introduction to the Newbie FAQ (Your help is needed!)
  11. What kind of goggles should I get?
  12. Getting Started!
  13. Beginners Guide to Support Weapons
  14. Lokiís guide to airsoft and understanding itís mysteries
  15. A Basic Guide to Heat Emergencies
  16. Do not post questions in this section!
  17. What would you need for an event?
  18. Frequently Asked Questions that will result in an Infraction
  19. This is for all the people wanting to be snipers.
  20. Austin's Guide To Stealth Movement
  21. Austin's Guide To Recon And Scouting
  22. Austin's Guide To Basic AEG Maintence And Care
  23. Austin's Guide To Gun Holding 101
  24. AEG Mini-Guide
  25. Joker's Event Hosting Basics
  26. Grenadier Role
  27. Gunner's guide to sniping
  28. Gunner's guide to machine gun employment
  29. Black Camo?