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  1. Dive's massive gear and others sale!
  2. Massif army combat shirt, RS SAW mag, NODs Mounts and MORE!
  3. WTB: OD Universal Drop Leg Holster
  4. WTS - RS ESAPI Plates
  5. FS "SAW Gunner vest" and ALICE gear.
  6. WTS/WTT ODA Hook Sling (Tan)
  7. WW2 Paratrooper Uniform
  8. WTS: Various Gear items
  9. WTS: Pantac M4 Mag Pouches (OD)
  10. Leaving arisoft, Phantom CIRAS and other gear
  11. WTB ALICE belt w/ a few m4/m16 pouches
  12. Bolle Tactical goggles
  13. Jackal Ghillie suit for sale
  14. ACU Gear
  15. OD gear
  16. BDU's
  17. WTB MARPAT/Digital Woodland
  18. Custom Wiley X Mesh Eye Protection
  19. WTS: Tan OE TECH Elite Tactical Vest
  20. WTB: A pair of 3 color DCU's.
  21. Quitting Sale!
  22. WTS: Generic drop leg pistol holster $20 shipped
  23. WTS: Marpat BDU, Blackhawk OD/woodland crossdraw vest
  24. Pantac LAND CIRAS, Size Medium, Coyote Brown
  25. WTS: Ebaybanned softshell - TAD Gear Knockoff
  26. Needed gear!
  28. Wanted to Trade
  29. WTS: Multicam Eagle PC w/ pouches, some holsters
  30. Jg M4 S-system UTG M324
  32. Marpat/despat
  33. WTS: OD Gear, Woodland ChestRig, M203+shell.
  34. Oakley SI Assault A-Frames
  35. WTS:Random gear (BDUs,Vests,accesories)
  36. Size 4X camo sets for sale
  37. IBA and New Surefire helmet light
  38. wts scope and mount for mp5
  39. wts scope and mount for mp5
  40. ACU,BDU,FLEC, Parts and more!!!!!
  41. WTB: Single Pin Boom Microphone Headset
  42. WTT/WTS: One ACU Jacket X-Large Regular size
  43. Eagle Industries LE, Releasable MARATIME CIRAS In Ranger Green
  44. WTB: PanTac OD P90 Magazine pouches
  45. WTS: Condor Plate Carrier w/Pouches
  46. WTS CONDOR rig with Pantac pouches.
  47. WTB: OD Pantac M4 Mag/Pistol Mag/Admin Pouch
  48. WTB Eotech Red DOT
  49. WTB: Dump Pouch
  50. The Birdman Sale blowout
  51. Pantac CIRAS Coyote Brown + assorted pouches
  52. wts chestrig
  53. WTS: MICH Helmet - Large - PRICE LOWERED!
  54. FS ESS Advancer V12's and Revision goggles
  55. Chinese T-99 para rig system.
  56. WTS propper ACU
  57. Wtb: MAg dump and drop leg platform!
  58. WTS OD pantac recon land used.
  59. WTB: M14 Pouches
  60. Mostly real issue gear. OBO
  61. WTB 407mm barrel
  62. Odds & Ends sale
  63. WTS: (Gear OD: Pantac PC, Pouches, Goggles, and Patches)
  64. WTT: Military Issued Desert Digital Uniform
  65. For Sale: Assorted Items
  66. Mercs Gear sale
  67. Assorted Airsoft Gear For Sale
  68. WTB: Real MICH Helmet
  69. F/S Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Commando Recon Chest Harness
  70. WTS SDS MOLLE II Rucksack - Complete - Woodland
  71. WTS Pantac Ciras Multicam, SRC 614
  72. Quitting airsoft gear sale
  73. Gear Sale (Multicam/Hydration/Woodland)
  74. WTB: Tan Pantac CIRAS
  75. WTS Pantac OD CIRAS w/ extras!
  76. WTB: Serpa 226
  77. WTB: Multicam And multicam gear
  78. WTB: multicam bdu
  79. WTS Used Paraclete RAV w/ Pouches
  80. WTS/WTT: USGI ALICE Gear, Urban BDU, Midcap M4/M16 Magazines, Battery
  81. WTS BDU's / pouches / red dot / holster
  82. WTB: PACA Soft Armor
  83. WTS: CP Armor Chassis Generation 2 by EB Airsoft
  84. Small gear sale or trade
  85. WTS Point Blank Interceptor vest, 3-color desert (USA ONLY)
  86. WTS/WTT: BUY ONE GET ONE! Multicam MilSpecMonkey Stealth Admin Pouch AND Other stuff too!
  87. throat mic by fire fox
  88. Blackhawk/HSGI Gear (pouhes, weesatch, suspenders)
  89. TAG riflemans chest rig
  90. WTB: bdu
  91. utg tactical crossdraw vest
  92. WTB 2 Black Leg Holsters
  93. Custom Eagle CIRAS in MultiCam w/ pouches
  94. Helmets, goggles, BDUs, boots and more
  95. wts blackhawk gloves
  96. wts mil-force helmet
  97. WTS Tons of High End Gear. LBT / Pantac / TAG / SDS in CB MJK RG MC . Sage Nomex Flight
  98. WTS Cheap gear
  99. WTS: Propper Woodland, MC, MARPAT BDU's
  100. WTS Cheap pre-Vietnam era gear/clothing, plus a few other things
  101. WTB Large Alice/Malice Pack
  102. WTB: EI RRV & Magpul MS2
  103. WTS Blackhawk Vest and KSC GBB Usp 45. Od
  104. WTS Wolfey's Going Out of Business Sale!
  105. WTS/WTT: LBT 9019B in OD
  106. WTS Woodland Marpat Gore-Tex Jacket and Pants
  107. WTS Tan Molle Pouches
  108. WTS/WTT: Full set of Acu's, plus some random gear
  109. WTS Gear needs to go!
  110. WTB CB Gear
  111. WTS: Paraclete Vest, Throat Mic, others...
  112. WTS CB Pantac Map+Spine Pack, Tan MBSS, Ebairsoft RRV+MAP,Green FlightSuit, Gen2 MC shirt
  113. WTS Eagle SDS Pantac RRv M249, Map, Radio and other pouches on ebay. ending tomorrow!
  114. Pantac Multicam Ciras
  115. beefcakes sale thread
  116. Midland XtraTalk 2 way radios,,,with PTT Earbuds
  117. WTB : Set of Medium Multi-Cam BDU'S
  118. WTB: Eagle Industries RRV & Pouches (CB ONLY)
  119. WTS WTS: Gear
  120. WTB/WTT: Double m4 pouch OD and utility pouch
  121. WTS/WTT: Eagle Industries plate carrier w cummerbund RG
  122. OD Guarder Weesatch, Pantac MAP, + Dump
  123. WTB: Woodland BDU (medium size)
  124. A.r.m.s.#40 rear flip up sight
  125. WTB: Desert 3-Color Pants. Size Small-Regular/Long
  126. WTB: in need of:
  127. WTS WTS: Used HurricanE 552
  128. WTB: Various things
  129. WTB: Stuff
  130. WTS Gear (Pouches, Holsters, etc.)
  131. WTS Weesatch, RAID, and BH Dropleg Holster
  132. WTS Some Gear/Accesories!
  133. WTB: Goggles
  134. FO After Xmas Sale
  135. WTS: bdu's and others
  136. DBT FAPC in Coyote Brown
  137. WTB: Knights suppressor and other stuff.
  138. WTS/WTT: Vests, AT4, Chopper Helmet, Pouches, Pelican Case
  139. WTS/WTT: Eagle Industries PC and DBT pouches
  140. WTS Multicam Sale: BDUs and Gear
  141. WTS Complete Tan Pantac Vest
  142. WTS True-Spec T.R.U. Combat Shirt
  143. WTS Full OD Condor Loadout Plus A Lot More!
  144. WTS XL MICH helmet - Gentex TBH II
  145. WTS Helmet; Goggles and Pouches.
  146. HUGE New Year Gear Sale (British/Multicam/Marpat/NVG Mounts)
  147. WTS/WTT: OD MPS rig
  148. WTS Magpul MOE Tan handguard
  149. WTB: Desert Tiger Stripe BDUs Medium
  150. WTS USGI Flight Suits, Summer & Winter Woodland BDU & Jacket Size:Large/44S & Mag Pouches
  151. WTB: Replica sight & HALO silencer!
  152. WTS: Guarder FSBE AAV
  153. WTS Rocky S2V Boots - Size 10.5
  154. WTS OETech Tactical Crossdraw Vest (ACU)
  155. WTS Tons of Gear and More
  156. WTS Pantac Wasatch in OD. Fully Kitted, Battle ready.
  157. WTS/WTT: LA police gear Tactical hoodie
  158. WTT: ACOG replica for 552 replica
  159. WTS Molle Vest & Mag Pouch
  160. WTS/WTT: Spring Cleaning
  161. WTB: M4 Mids
  162. WTS Tan ACM CIRAS Plate Carrier
  163. WTS Ghillie Suit
  164. WTS CIRAS Replica
  165. WTS/WTT: OD/Black MOLLE tac vest
  166. battery and charger for sell
  167. EoTech Replica Wanted
  168. WTB: Tac Vest
  169. WTS OD vest and hydration carrier
  170. WTB: General Purpose Pouch, MOLLE on outside
  171. WTB: WWII U.S. wool overcoat/trenchcoat
  172. WTS G&P Red/Green Dot Sight
  173. WTB: Eagle Industries CIRAS in khaki
  174. WTB: ESS Profile Turbofans in Desert Tan
  175. WTB: Gear for a Pararescue Loadout
  176. WTS/WTT: WE 1911 M.E.U./ for OD gear, MARPAT
  177. WTS BHI Coyote pouches NEW!!!
  178. WTS Pantec Vest Low Profile Rig (OD)
  179. WTB Tactical Tailor plate carrier
  180. WTS/WTT: Inova 24/7
  181. WTS J&g g3
  182. WTS: Blood Type Patch
  183. DBT OTV Ranger Green XXL
  184. WTS OD Condor CIRAS vest (L)
  185. Pantac muticam RRV+MAP
  186. WTS Pantac OD RAV w/ Pouches
  187. Gear For Sale - Plate Carrier and LBV + Extras
  188. WTS/WTT REPLICA Flyye Industries Chassis
  189. Wardog's Gear Sale
  190. Wardog's Gear Sale
  191. WTS Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses
  192. WTS blackhawk hydration and condor vest
  193. WTB for Cold Steel
  194. WTS Real kevlar helmat (OD)
  195. Wtb Green Ar15/m16 Mag pouches
  196. Morris' Mixed Sale thread
  197. buying velcro medic patch
  198. WTS/WTT: Miscellaneous Uniform
  199. Despat Camo and Sand Belt
  200. WTS Selling battery and ICE charger
  201. WTB Chest rig/plate carrier
  202. WTS: EI RLCS H Harness
  203. Kurow: Birdman Tactical Gear Sale 032010
  204. WTS WTS Random Gear and Parts
  205. WTS BDU Uniform Sets
  206. Wtb: Cb hpc
  207. WTB: Pantac MBSS Plate Carrier!
  208. WTB: Bdu's/pouches
  209. WTS/WTT: Safariland 6004-5621
  210. WTS ESS V12 goggles
  211. WTS Multi-cam uniform with extras
  212. WTS/WTT: Triple Multicam M16 pouch
  213. WTS/WTT: Coyote Tan Condor Plate Carrier and pouches
  214. WTS OD Pantac CIRAS Land (medium)
  215. WTS HSGI Weesatch (RG/OD), Duty Belt, Holster, & various items
  216. WTB: Safariland for Sig 226R w/ TLR-1
  217. WTB: Real Deal Kevlar PASGT Helmet, Size Medium
  218. WTS Tan camo Sale
  219. WTS/WTT: Eagle L/XL Platecarrier w/ Cummberbund & pouches
  220. MISC. Tactical Gear For Sale
  221. WTS/WTT: Gear and accessories
  222. WTB: Eagle Plate Carrier W/Cummerbund Multicam
  223. WTS Brand NEW Oakley Half Jacket XLJ Black/Black
  224. WTB: Eagle Industies Pouches
  225. WTS/WTT: Gear and accessories for sale/trade
  226. WTB: PASGT Helmet Cover (DCU 3 color/MC), Cat Eye Band
  227. WTS Boonies, pads, others
  228. WTB/WTT: Tan Battle Belt setup. Sling Pack FT
  229. WTB/WTT: Looking for issued acu gear/ lots to trade
  230. WTS Phoenix Jr IR Strobe
  231. US Navy SEALs cleaning out their supply closets!
  232. WTS NcStar Mark III Tactical Scope....Brand New!!
  233. WTB/WTT: British Desert Pattern Windproof Pants
  234. WTS Real desert helmet
  235. WTS WTS: TAG belt mounted weapons catch, Eotech 552 replica, Illuminated scope
  236. WTS: Pantac Ciras, BDUs, & Various Gear Items
  237. WTB: Blackhawk Chest Harness
  238. BDUs for sale
  239. WTB: OD Knee pads and M16 full stock
  240. WTS Belleville 9.5R Boots, BRAND NEW
  241. WTS Tornado Greande, Vest, Motors, Mags
  242. WTB/WTT: Multicam BDUs Size L
  243. WTS T.R.U Marpat and Despat set
  244. WTB OD Molle chest rig
  245. WTS: Gear, Mags, Etc.
  246. WTB: Helmet (MICH or otherwise)
  247. WTS/WTT: ACU and a vest
  248. WTB OD mag pouches (molle)
  249. WTS All OD Gear: PC, Pouches, First Line
  250. WTB/WTT: Pantac SPC