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Nylon & Blasters
Still need some parts for the upper, as well as some other stuff, but it is skirmishable now.
Weathered the receivers and put the triangle handguard back on. 
Anyone know of a good place to get a real, greenish looking triangle handguard,...
WE Open Bolt M16vn base 
A2 hider 
JP Rifles VTAC Rail 
Surefire 9P 
LaRue stubby  
Awesome dust
New coat of paint today. Now it just needs sights and a new torch. Possibly some sort of glass, but I put off getting something endlessly. Lol
Pantac EPC 
EI Admin 
Medical Shears 
SWCClcs Signal pouch 
BFG SR25 Ten Speed 
EI Single  
RLCS Banger 
RLCS Canteen 
EI Big Banger 
RLCS .45 x2
Still need a blaster and a lid, but the gear part is mostly done for my Ranger impression. 
First Line: 
EI Riggers Belt 
Second Line: 
Pedobear has returned....
WA Kimber Custom TLE II 
WA Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade Compact (Needs a new outer barrel) 
Stay classy my friends.
RLCS H-Harness 
SFLCS Pop-Flare 
SFLCS 200rd SAW Pouch 
SFLCS Charge Pouch 
Civi EI Double 
MSA Shingle 
RLCS Canteen 
Paraclete Double .45
Back to a K for KSK
RRS-V is done!!!
New set up.
I herd u leik Ranger Green
WA Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade

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