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Pictures v3.32
Cyma AK-105. Sadly, this $100 gun shoots almost as well as any of my guns. Let's see how it holds up...
M83 SADF chest rig. Perfect for the new AK :)
Tokyo Marui MK23 original kit. LAM modified with IR laser. Modified safariland.
Because sewing is for suckers, and knives are manly.
Can you tell which one is real?
KWA Mk.18
Mayflower UW Gen III
SDS/Paraclete RACK
Some random DBT chest rig
BFG 10 Speed
Phil takes airsoft seriously.
Pro Communitas 
Courtesy of Mr. Kong Photography
Courtesy of Mr. Kong Photography
Charging a building in the airfield. 
Courtesy of Mr. Kong Photography
Current set up. Need to grab a Paraclete radio pouch, and she's good to go.
Paraclete RAV from 9/10
RRV phase 2/10 ish?
FSBE First line from 1 year ago
SKD rig from about a year ago
Mayflower rig from a year and a half ago
Just thought I'd add this pic to my AO pics. All of it is gone :(
Practially brand spankin' new.

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